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Samsung Unveils Exynos Auto T5123, V7 and S2VPS01 PMIC For Automobiles

The global leader of advanced semiconductor technology, Samsung Electronics has presented three new logic solutions with its latest automotive chip solutions – Exynos Auto T5123, Exynos Auto V7, and ASIL-B certified S2VPS01 PMIC.

Samsung proudly introduces their next-generation solutions; “smarter and more connected automotive solutions, delivering a more enriched in-vehicle experience preserving entertainment, safety along with comfort.”

With the advanced 5G connectivity, AI-powered multi-core processors, and premium PMIC solution in its automotive lineup, the brand is empowering breakthroughs in the automobile industry, further expanding its foothold in the market.

Pioneering 5G connectivity solution for Automobiles

Exynos Auto T5123 is an exclusively designed 3GPP release 15 telematics control unit, crafted to introduce fast and seamless connectivity, the industry’s first 5G connectivity solution for automobiles.

The chip solution brings fast connectivity in both standalone (SA) and non-standalone mode (NSA) to the connected cars of future generations. The solution provides real-time crucial and effective information to the vehicle through the high-speed download of up to 5.1Gbps.

It offers passengers to enjoy an array of new services, including high-definition content streaming to even video calls on the go. The chip additionally supports a high-speed PCIe interface, integrated to process enormous transmitted efficiently and received data while delivering a low-power, high-performance power DRAM – LPDDR4x.

Moreover, the unit features dual CPU cores – Cortex-A55 along with a built-in Global Navigation Satellite System. Such configuration is implemented to minimize the use of external ICs while reducing the product development time.

Exynos Auto T5123 satisfies the stringent requirements of automotive components and is further Automotive Electronics Council – Q100 qualified. The unit is currently under mass production, exclusively manufactured to deliver 5G connectivity capabilities in-vehicle communications for the first time in the industry.

Latest powerful processor for IVI systems

Exynos Auto V7 is the latest addition to the automotive lineup of Samsung, a powerful processor designed to suit the in-vehicle infotainment systems in mid to high-end vehicles.

The solution integrates eight 1.5GHz CPU cores – Arm Cortex-A76 with 11 Arm Mali G76 GPU cores to display its powerful performance. The GPU cores are presented in two distinct groups – three cores in a “small” domain for AR-HUD and cluster display while the other eight in the “big” domain for CID and more.

The purpose of such physical separation is to allow the GPU to power multiple systems at once while bringing safer operation by barring the domains from interacting with one another.

With the powerful duo of CPU and GPU, the unit is additionally equipped with an NPU, providing virtual assistance and other features at convenience, thereby efficiently processing visual and audio data for facial or speech recognition.

Additionally, it supports four displays and 12 camera inputs, and an imaging system to assist drivers in every way. It also brings an immersive entertainment system with three HiFi 4 audio processors powered by 32GB LPDDR4x memory capacity, offering a bandwidth of up to 68.3 GB/s.

It also has an isolated security processor for crypto operation and presents an additional critical functional key, compiling the ASIL-B safety support. Exynos Auto V7 is under mass production and is currently being used in Volkswagen’s newest ICAS 3.1 powered by LG Electronics.

All new Power Management IC

S2VPS01 – an ASIL-B certified PMIC, exclusively developed for Exynos Auto V9 and V7. The ASIL-B certification is a key requirement for automotive OEMs and their supplier providing solutions.

The PMIC features effective electric power flow regulation, delivering reliable and robust performance in the infotainment system. Furthermore, it comprises highly efficient buck converters, LDO as well as a real-time clock.

Lastly, the package comes with over & under-voltage protection, short circuit, and overcurrent protection, along with a thermal shutdown, clock monitoring, and output stuck checks.

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