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Samsung Showcases their Micro LED Technology at ISE 2022

Only a few brands come close to Samsung when it comes to making stunning displays. Now they are advancing even further with their new three new models that are the pinnacle of Samsung’s Micro LED tech. The new Micro LED displays are called The Wall.

Micro LED is the future for stunning displays and Samsung is making its grand entry into the field. And The Wall series also includes Samsung’s slimmest ever pixel pitch display at just P0.63.

It will all happen at ISE 2022 and users can experience this stunning unveiling virtually as well as in-person as the booth for Samsung is going to be at Gran Via, Hall 3, 3F600, in Barcelona from May 10-13, 2022. If you want to know more about the virtual presentation of The Wall, please click on the link: https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/showcase/virtual-experience/ise-2022

Slimmest Ever Pixel Pitch: The Wall, 2022

samsung the wall iab

The major highlight of the entire event is going to be the unveiling of Samsung’s 2022 model of The Wall which is named IWB. This is a modular Micro LED display from Samsung and it helps users to get the best viewing experience in the highest resolution and large screen format.

There are going to be two pixel pitches for this display: 0.63 and 0.94 and if we talk about the 0.63-pixel pitch then it is the slimmest ever in The Wall series.

If you are interested in this display then it is already up for pre-orders and you go ahead and order one right now.

Talking about other features of the display then it has a 120Hz frame rate, it is also HDR10/10+ rated along with support for LED HDR as well.

The screen size is also good at 110-inch 4K and 220-inch 8K so that users can have them according to their needs. This display is especially aimed at businesses so that they can add these displays for entertainment stuff in a large place.

It has Multi View for multi-source playback. Then there is Black Seal for better black levels on the canvas. It also has 2o-bit processing and supports 2,000 nits peak brightness.

The Wall All-in-One

The second model on the list of The Wall series is The Wall All-in-One and the model name for it is IAB. Samsung is offering three variants for this one: the first one is 4K with a 146-inch display, then there is a 2K display in 146-inch size and finally another 2K display in 110-inch screen size. The aspect ratio of this display is 16:9 and it will be available just after the unveiling at ISE 2022.

One of the key features of this display is that it comes with a Pre-Assembled Frame Kit and as per Samsung, this kit just makes the installation of this display seamless just like a normal consumer TV. Despite being this big, the display is just 49mm thick which is quite stunning.

Once the display is installed, it becomes 59mm in thickness.

If we talk about the technical features of this display then it comes with a 20-bit processor. There is also the Black Seal Technology and Micro AI Processor. All of these features allow users to combine two 4K 146-inch screens together and create a big 32:9 aspect ratio model.

Versatile Display Lineup for Various Purposes

While The Wall is definitely the star of the show, there are other display ventures from Samsung as well that are aimed to meet the needs of the new era.

First of all, there is the OHA model in 55-inch and 75-inch screen sizes and it is an outdoor display from Samsung. This display comes with IP56 certification and it is ideal to be placed in places like EV charging stations, etc. This has approval for outdoor visibility by Underwriters Laboratories(UL).

Then Samsung has also announced a model called WMB in two screen sizes: 75-inch and 85-inch. These displays are aimed at hybrid classrooms and can work as an interactive whiteboard.

There are going to be a lot of exciting things at ISE 2022 related to tech and The Wall is just one of them. Make sure you visit regularly to get all the updates.

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