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Samsung Gaming Hub is finally live!

Samsung unveiled its all-new gaming platform at CES 2022 after teasing a release “towards the end of the summer” and has got a collaboration with Xbox. This month, the brand-new Gaming Hub finally went live on a few Samsung TVs and monitors.

With the Samsung Gaming Hub, authorization to each of the latest streaming consoles on Samsung TVs, such as the QLED, and Neo QLED (4K & 8K) from the 2022 series & 2022 Smart Monitor Series, has turned into a quicker & seamless process. It combines Samsung’s hardware and software expertise to create the best possible gaming experience.

Thanks to the Samsung Gaming Hub, gamers can access various game streaming services, including Xbox, Google Stadia, Nvidia GeForce NOW, Twitch, and Utomik, on a unified platform. The platform will soon enable Amazon Luna, according to Samsung.

Power Up Your Gameplay

Samsung continues to stay at the forefront of Smart TV innovation, driven by the desire to offer customers access to more and better entertainment options. The firm decided to look into new gaming capabilities that could only be used with Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung created headlines by introducing Auto Game Mode on TVs first in the market in 2018. Since its inception, Samsung has taken the front-runner position in making Innovative TVs that elevate the gaming experience.

samsung gaming hub

The greatest thing is that with this new gaming platform, players may enjoy their favorite games without having to buy a separate gaming console by using accessories of their choice, such as Bluetooth headsets and controllers.

Samsung’s newest gaming platform functions as a digital hub where various gaming and streaming services—both paid and unpaid—coexist. Samsung Gaming Hub, which Tizen powers, enables users to quickly access their favorite games from leading partners. Players can also access expertly crafted recommendations based on the newest and most popular games around the world.

Furthermore, the input lag of the new TV models has decreased by an average of 30% with “faster decoding and better buffer control technology.” Samsung also uses AI upscaling technology to offer the greatest experience in 4K and 8K visual entertainment that pleases your eyes aesthetically.

The Future of Games, for All

Players worldwide are taking notice of the Samsung Gaming Hub because it provides quick and easy access to a huge selection of games. The collaboration between Samsung and NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, and Utomik allow the on-demand delivery of various popular video games.

But the advantages don’t end there; the Samsung Gaming Hub also eliminates the time, cost, and aggravation associated with purchasing appropriate accessories for various consoles and the tested process of installing and uninstalling games for storage space. Because everybody can play and enjoy CPU-intensive games even without a PC, this revolutionizes the gaming industry.

Today, we live in a period where our televisions instantaneously connect us to thrilling action flicks or the most recent international news at any moment. Quality content is more important to consumers than high-quality equipment today. And for this reason, the creative minds behind Samsung Gaming Hub also highlighted their commitment to enhancing content experiences.

Everyone is invited to a brand-new gaming realm through the advanced & prolific Samsung Gaming Hub. The Gaming Hub platform is now being launched in the countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Germany, and South Korea.

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