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Samsung Electronics Introduces 512GB CXL Memory Module powered with E3.S

Samsung has created the 1st ever 512 GB Compute Express Link (CXL) DRAM in the industry, with 4 times the storage performance & 1/5th of the software capacity of the earlier iteration. Compute Express Link (CXL) is a new DRAM technology that provides an amazingly large capacity with very low latency.

Samsung got engaged closely with the data-based touchpoints, enterprise routers & chipset businesses to build an upgraded, customized CXL module since unveiling the industry’s 1st CXL DRAM prototype with a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) controller in May 2021.

Samsung Semiconductor collaborates with Lenovo & Montage Tech to incorporate the DRAM series into their devices. CXL memory systems provide substantially more capacity and are easier to expand and configure than traditional DDR memory systems.

Expanded Memory Capacity

Recently, the expansion of the metaverse, AI, ML & big data has generated inputs worldwide. However, traditional DDR design limits memory capacity expansion beyond the tens of terabyte range, necessitating the use of an altogether new memory interface technology such as CXL.

samsung 512gb cxl memory module

As Samsung extensively increases its use in next-generation storage architectures, including software-defined memory, CXL DRAM may represent a major area for futuristic computing models, significantly enhancing AI (Artificial Intelligence) & Big data process (SDM).

Samsung will work with industry partners to develop and standardize CXL memory solutions while building a stronger ecosystem. CXL is a crucial technique that provides more inventive memory expansion and pooling management, and it will play a key role in next-generation systems.

A server’s memory capacity can be increased to tens of terabytes. In contrast, its bandwidth is increased to several terabytes per second, thanks to the enormous pool of memory shared between CXL and main memory.

Higher Compute Density

Thanks to an app-oriented IC/ASIC with a CXL device, the new CXL series DRAM is the 1st to have 512 GB of DDR5 version of DRAM. It became the 1st storage system to handle PCIe 5.0 & is available in an EDSFF module, which might be ideal for next-generation cloud and corporate systems.

E3.S is projected to replace both M2 and 2.5-inch SSDs effectively. However, Samsung has conceded that servers capable of handling the device may take some time to arrive. In addition, because DRAM is quicker than the flash utilized in SSDs, that time may be spent working out how to make DRAM work well with E3.S. The good news is that PCIe 5.0 can handle the additional I/O.

Samsung had previously hinted at 512GB DDR5 DIMMS with its first DDR5 DRAM launch based on the High-K/Metal Gate (HKMG) technology, with a 512GB module geared at high-performance computing artificial intelligence applications.

The DDR5 specification, finalized in mid-2020, allows for much bigger capacity DIMMs and bandwidth than its predecessor. Samsung claims that its latest module has peak transfer rates of 7,200 megabits per second, more than double the bandwidth of the fastest DDR4 DRAM.

Thus, the addition of CXL and physical factor is the most significant aspect of this announcement. Samsung further expects to announce a new version of its open-source Scalable Memory Development Kit later this month (SMDK).

The system is an advanced software package that enables system developers to embed CXL memory into multiple IT systems running AI, big data, and cloud applications without modifying existing settings. It helps to develop next-generation interface innovations that can benefit the IT sector.

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