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Razer’s Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential Become World’s First Gaming Mice to Receive UL’s ECOLOGO Certification

June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day and all the brands do their campaign to support the cause and save the environment. For some brands, it is just an Instagram and Twitter post and then there are more serious brands that take some good actions to promote sustainability.

Promoting sustainability is more vital for tech brands because they generate a lot of Ewaste which can go unrecycled for thousands of years. It seems like Razer has now joined the serious brands that are working towards saving the environment.

Their most popular gaming mice: the Razer Basilisk V3 and the DeathAdder Essential are now the world’s first gaming mice that have received ECOLOGO certification from UL.

Razer Basilisk V3 and DeathAdder Essential Receives ECOLOGO Certification

Razer is one of the top brands when it comes to gaming and to celebrate World Environment Day, they have great news. Their Basilisk V3 and the DeathAdder Essential gaming mice now have ECOLOGO certification from UL.

razer basilisk v3

UL is the global leader in safety science and these gaming mice have successfully passed a test called UL2710. This is the Outline of Investigation for Sustainability for Portable Electronics. Now, this certification means that these gaming mice qualify as sustainable products.

Brands are always claiming that they are working towards making their products more sustainable but this certification is the proof as it is issued from a trusted agency.

razer deathadder essential

The mice will now have the ECOLOGO Mark and that means that they are tested for sustainability by a third party and they also meet Razer’s own goals and the logo works as a legitimate stamp.

Razer has also planned a ten-year sustainability roadmap and they are heading it with the hashtag #GoGreenWithRazer.

The reason for selecting these gaming mice is quite obvious. First of all, they are the two of the most popular gaming mice from Razer, and then they are some of the most powerful and comfortable mice from the brand. So it was only natural for Razer to go with these ones.

Now, of course, to receive the ECOLOGO Mark, the mice were tested by UL on a number of sustainability-related criteria. Then they also tested it and see if the mice complied with EU hazardous chemical restricted substance regulations. Along with that, the mice were also checked for skin irritation and other factors.

Generally, for a tech product to be sustainable, it should be durable, long-lasting and easily repairable, and replaceable. So of course, UL also evaluated Razer’s process to repair and replace the parts of the mice.

When it comes to sustainability, everything matters. Even the packaging and for that, Razer has made the packaging with FSC certified material. It is free of heavy metals and chlorine. Then for printing, sustainable soy-ink is used and this allows the entire box to be recycled seamlessly.

UL also surveyed Razer’s manufacturing and packaging areas to see if they are truly committed to saving the environment. Razer also has ISO 14001 certification.

What is Special Now?

So here is how Razer is committing to sustainability with the ECOLOGO certification from UL:

  • Easy Disassembly: Razer has made the disassembly of the Basilisk V3 easy and follows all the standards.
  • Dermal Biocompatibility: The mice have been evaluated for skin sensitization.
  • Razer complies with the EU restricted substance regulations for the management of materials.
  • Razer is completely transparent as they have disclosed all reports and policies for sustainability.
  • There is also a proper recycling program for these products.

It is good to see that brands like Razer are committing to sustainability and trying to build a better future for everyone.

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