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Razer unveils its new and refreshed Barracuda range

It might get difficult to locate the perfect gaming headset. There’s an unbelievable variety to accompany every price range & requirement. Razer alone is certain to have something for you, and it could be their most recent offerings.

The business has developed appealing variants based on earlier versions of Razer Barracuda X Wireless headphones, emphasizing wireless connectivity & using multiple systems for related needs. The new Barracuda and Barracuda Pro join the Barracuda portfolio of the brand.

The models focus on dual wireless connectivity 2.4GHz through a USB-C adapter and Bluetooth & superb sound quality. They are compatible with iPhones & any other mobile system. With the all-new SmartSwitch Dual Wireless option, you need not worry about switching plugs if a call disturbs your gaming mode.

Quality Sound for Everything

These headsets contain 50-millimeter Razer TriForce titanium controllers & THX Spatial Audio starting with the Razer Barracuda. The sound delivered by the Razer Barracuda is crisp and strong, bringing films and games to life. The FlowKnit top headband and cushioning provide long-term comfort & easy-to-use controls for accessing all headphones’ capabilities.

razer barracuda
Razer Barracuda

In contrast, the Razer Barracuda Pro comes with new 50-millimeter Razer TriForce Bio-Cellulose models that offer a richer, realistic & extended sound experience for precise unadulterated audio. There are also built-in microphones and compatibility for proprietary THX Spatial Audio technology.

razer barracuda pro
Razer Barracuda Pro

Razer touts the Barracuda Pro as an all-around headset featuring “world-class noise-canceling technology” and an ambient mode. The Razer Barracuda also has an additional noise-canceling Beamforming microphone. It is a versatile wireless headset that can be used with various devices and can last around 40 hours on a single charge.

The Razer Barracuda also has one 3.5mm minijack connection output, ensuring compatibility with all versions of smart devices. Irrespective of their extended brand advertising, the Barracuda Pro headsets can reach through 2.4GHz Wi-Fi – either by type-C dongle/Bluetooth 5.2.

The Barracuda and Barracuda Pro may indeed be linked to two devices at once with Razer SmartSwitch Dual Wireless, effortlessly switching between them when needed. It allows a PC user to answer a phone call by pressing a button without unpairing or pairing the two devices.

Refreshed Barracuda X

The redesigned Barracuda X wraps up the Barracuda product line’s additional enhancements. It comes with full Bluetooth 5.2 support, Razer HyperSpeed Wireless, and Razer’s innovative SmartSwitch technology for maximum compatibility.

razer barracuda x

Razer released the Barracuda X gaming headset to provide adaptability and long-lasting convenience while being compatible with various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and far more.

Unlike the new models, the Barracuda X comes with 40mm Razer TriForce drivers, a detachable HyperClear cardioid microphone, and 7.1 surround sound capabilities, ensuring sharp and immersive gaming or media viewing experience.

The Barracuda X is more of a budget-friendly model in the series. It weighs only 250g and features the same FlowKnit memory foam cushions on the headband & 50-hour battery backup, which is twice its predecessor.

The new Razer Barracuda headsets enable users to enjoy music and games while simultaneously connecting to various devices, making them the ideal companion for anybody who wants to take their sound with them.

All three headsets are now accessible. The Barracuda X is the most affordable model, costing $99.99, while the basic Barracuda and the Pro version cost $159.99 and USD 249.99, respectively.

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