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Razer Launches New Viper V2 Pro Gaming Mouse

When it comes to PC gaming or gaming in general, Razer is definitely one of the people’s favorite brands. They are known for their state-of-the-art mouse, keyboards, and other gaming equipment. Just recently, Razer announced a new gaming mouse and it is called the Razer Viper V2 Pro.

One of the main highlights of this gaming mouse is that it is extremely lightweight, weighing in at 58 grams only. Apart from that, Razer has also enhanced the clicking performance with new and improved Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3 and there is a new Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor on the mouse as well.

This is a gaming mouse made for pro gamers and Razer is calling it their “ultra-lightweight wireless competitive gaming mouse”. To design the mouse, Razer has utilized their cutting-edge technology and also involved professional eSports people to get their real-time feedback.

Razer has managed to reduce the weight of the Viper V2 Pro by 20% to the Viper Ultimate. For gamers who are involved at a professional level, even a little reduction in weight helps in easy maneuvering. On top of that, there are new switches because of the reduced weight. Razer also claims that the battery life is also better on this gaming mouse and they have also added the new Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor.

Overall, all of these new features are definitely going to help you achieve the best gaming performance.

Made for Gamers

The Head of Razer’s PC Gaming Division has said that they have designed the mouse in a way that there were no tradeoffs because of the reduced weight.

razer viper v2 pro gaming mouse

He also mentioned that eSports professionals have also contributed notably to the development of this gaming mouse. The company took inputs from the gamers regarding the sensors, switches, and other stuff.

Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen who is a professional VALORANT player associated with OpTic Gaming had a lot of praises for Viper V2 Pro.

No Adjustments on Performance

Because of its lightweight nature, you might think that Razer has made some significant trade-offs in the performance department but that is not the case with the new Viper V2 Pro.

With this gaming mouse, Razer has also unveiled their new Focus Pro 30K Optical Sensor. If we talk about the performance of this optical sensor then it has a resolution accuracy of 99.8% which is quite the next level.

Then the mouse also comes with AI support and provides features like Motion Sync, Smart Tracking, and Asymmetric Cut-off. All of these features combine to give the best gaming performance you can get on a gaming mouse.

While the older version just supported 3 granular levels of height adjustment, the new Viper V2 Pro with Asymmetric Cut-Off feature now supports 26 which is quite insane. With such levels of customization options, users can easily tune the mouse according to their needs.

The new Viper V2 Pro also comes with the new Razer Optical Mouse Switches Gen-3. Because of the new switches, the mouse gives better tactile feedback and the lifespan is also increased as per Razer. They are tested for 9 million clicks and should easily last a long time. Because of the new switches, the mouse also has no double-clicking problems and the debounce delay is also gone.

There is a DPI control button right on the bottom of the mouse so that you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse in real-time without having to find the software and make the changes. It comes with a modern USB-C charging port and you also get a Razer Speedflex charging cable and 2.4GHz HyperSpeed USB dongle extender inside the box. It is available in two colors: black and white.

Pricing and Availability

The new Razer Viper V2 Pro is priced at USD 149.99 which is quite justified given the features of this gaming mouse. You can now buy this mouse from the official site of Razer and from authorized resellers as well.

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