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Razer announces Razer Kishi V2 Mobile Gaming Controller for Android

If we talk about gaming then Razer is definitely one of the top brands. They make all sorts of gaming equipment to help gamers get the best-in-class experience when they are playing.

Committing to providing an immersive experience to mobile gamers, the brand has announced a new mobile gaming controller called Razer Kishi V2.

As the brand itself describes it, this controller brings console-quality controls to mobile phones. Then they have also made sure that the controller is compatible with almost all the smartphones with their extendable bridge. On top of that, Razer also provides a free Razer Nexus app that allows further customizations in the controller. Overall, the new Razer Kishi V2 is an exceptional mobile gaming controller.

Razer Kishi is already an award-winning mobile gaming control and now we have its next-generation with more improvements. This will allow mobile gamers to get the most immersive gaming experience on their smartphones.

The new Kishi V2 is more remarkable because cloud gaming and mobile gaming are on the rise. People can now play PC games easily on their smartphones with cloud gaming platforms. But to play them nicely, there is a need for a console-like setup and this one delivers exactly that.

As of now, Razer has announced this for Android smartphones but they have also promised that this mobile gaming controller for iOS will also be coming soon.

Key Specifications of Razer Kishi V2 Android

Here are all of the basic specifications about the mobile gaming controller you should know:

  • It has two clickable analog thumbsticks, then there is a mechanical D-pad. There are four face buttons.
  • You get your typical L2/R2 triggers and L1/R1 bumpers. On top of that, there are two multifunction buttons M1/M2, and Menu and Options buttons.
  • There is also a Share button which requires the Razer Nexus app and then there is a dedicated button for the Razer Nexus app on the controller and there is also a charging indicator light.
  • It has a USB Type-C port for interfacing and also supports pass-through charging for the smartphone via its USB Type C port. The weight of the controller is 284 grams.
  • The Android version of the controller requires Android 9.0 or later versions to operate.
  • In terms of compatibility, it will seamlessly work with Razer Phone and Razer Phone 2(of course), all of the Samsung Galaxy S Series from S8 and onwards, and all of the Samsung Note Series from Note 8 and onwards. The controller will also work with the Google Pixel series and other Android smartphones as well.

Significant Upgrades

The new Razer Kishi V2 takes its inspiration from their award-winning Wolverine V2 console controllers. So you now get the tactical microswitch controls and high-quality inputs from these controllers.

The design on these ones is also improved and to increase the compatibility of the controllers, Razer has now added a bridge that provides more stability and compatibility.

Razer has also kept the ergonomic factor in mind as these controllers are supposed to be used by players for prolonged hours and for that, they have added a comfortable grip to the controllers.

Razer Nexus app which is free to download and use provides next-level versatility and customization options with this controller. Users can use this app to customize buttons to launch their favorite games or apps with a single press.

Pricing and Availability

If we talk about the pricing of the new Razer Kishi V2 mobile gaming controller then it is priced at USD 99.99 which is kind of okay considering all of the features you are getting. The Android Variant of the controller is now available and you can buy it from the official Razer website or authorized retailers. The iOS version of the controller will be coming in Fall later this year.

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