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PUBG: NEW STATE Mobile Brings New Round Deathmatch Mode with February’s Update

Krafton has been pushing for some great updates for PUBG: NEW STATE this year. In the January update, we got BR: Extreme Mode Rimac Navera and some other customizations. Now with February’s update, PUBG: NEW STATE mobile brings new Round Deathmatch mode. Along with the new mode, we also have a new survivor pass and some new weapons and weapons customizations.

Let’s look at the key highlights from the PUBG: NEW STATE February update:

New Round Deathmatch Mode

The biggest highlight of the new update is the new Round Deathmatch Mode which is said to bring new excitement to the game.

To spice up the things in the game, the Round Deathmatch(RDM) mode takes the 4 versus 4 team battle to the next level. This is not like your basic deathmatch where players respawn even after being eliminated.

In this new RDM mode, a player is eliminated, he/she will not respawn. To determine a winner, teams will have to win the best of seven series.

There will also be a new map, especially for RDM mode and the teams will be on the opposite side of the arena when the match starts. All the teams will get the primary essential weapons. Then the game will begin just like any normal battle royale match.

Players will see a blue zone at the start of the game which will condense to the center as the round will progress.

The key highlight of this mode is that a player will not get another life if he/she gets eliminated like in other deathmatch modes.

Survivor Pass Volume 4

The PUBG: NEW STATE February update also brings Volume 4 of the Survivor Pass. The pass will enable players to get some more fun in-game rewards. The new volume of Survivor Pass will also unlock a new series of faction-themed missions engrossed around Doug Bikerway from the Mayhem biker gang which is an arms-dealing gang in the game. Players can get the Doug Bikerway skin by completing these story missions.

New Weapons

With the February update, players will also get two new weapons: the MP5K which is a 9mm SMG, and a Crossbow that can be found as in Troi and Ernagel 2052 maps. There are some attachments as well that come with MP5K that will help players to manage the recoil from firing it. Given the rising popularity of crossbows in recent years, Karfton’s decision to add this new weapon seems quite interesting.

New Weapon Customizations

Along with the new weapons, players will also be able to customize the M249. A shield can be attached to the gun that can protect the gun from any potential damage from enemy fire. But it is important to note that these new attachments or customizations will slow down your ADS time.

Clan System Adjustments

To make it earlier for players to find clans that match with their nationality, the recommended clans will rely on the nationality of the Clan Master. Players will now be able to find a good clan according to their by searching on their preferred parameter. The new update will also bring a feature that will allow Clan Masters to set their Clan Emblem using symbols, backgrounds, and colors.

The February update or PUBG: NEW STATE is now live for Android and iOS both and players can see all of the new cool features by themselves starting right now. Do you play PUBG: NEW STATE and if yes, which new feature are you most excited about? Do let us know for sure.

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