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PUBG is all set to launch the free-to-play in January 2022

The game that took the world by storm with its pioneering battle royal genre got finally announced to transition to the ‘free-to-play’ model. KRAFTON Inc, the makers of PUBG Battlegrounds, besides being responsible for premier entertainment, revealed the decision to transition to a F2P model during the Game Awards, 2021.

Till now, PUBG: Battlegrounds has surpassed 75 million in revenue since its inception in 2017 and disrupted the shooter game genre with the battle royale phenomena, and finally, it is transitioning to the free-to-play model.

Starting from January 2022, the F2P model can feature in PCs and consoles, embarking upon the beginning of a new era for the globally renowned battle royale game.

Battlegrounds Plus Upgrade

Upon the transition of PUBG Battlegrounds to F2P, which can make PUBG free for everyone to play, KRAFTON promised to introduce BATTLEGROUNDS Plus. Players can start with a basic account, offering the essential but limited features of the game, and can also opt for the upgrade to Battlegrounds Plus.

The Battlegrounds Plus is an optional upgrade to a premium account, allowing players to access many new and signature features. With a one-time fee of $12.99, players can access exclusive Battlegrounds Plus features, including Ranked Mode, Career-Medal tab, Creating and Playing custom match, Survival Mastery XP +100% boost & Bonus 1,300 G-COIN.

Players who bought PUBG: Battlegrounds or the existing users of this game before the F2P transition can be entitled to PUBG – SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE PACK. The pack can be inclusive of an automatic account upgrade, providing them access to the premium features of Battlegrounds Plus.

Besides, the Battlegrounds Plus rewards also constitute in-game items like Captain’s Camo set, inclusive of camo mask, hat, and camo gloves.

Additionally, the pack includes the Battle-Hardened Costume Skin Set, the Battle-Hardened Legacy Nameplate, along with the Shackle and Shanks Legacy Pan.

The battle royale genre was created based on the success of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and became an influential gaming IP worldwide. Hence, the time is ripe for the transition to the free-to-play model, welcoming new and interested players to the game, according to the CEO of the game makers – KRAFTON Inc.

The game has significantly progressed, invoking players’ interests worldwide since it was brought around 5 years ago to Early access, presenting the best values in gaming.

Be it the eight unique maps within the game, the constant upgrades, or the introduction of engaging in-game partner activation, the F2P transition is supposedly the next stepping stone for PUBG, widening the game’s scope further inciting new and veteran players with features that can fascinate them.

Until the release of the free-to-play model, players can visit the official PUBG website to get access to a wide range of features and activities celebrating the transition. Players can also get to pre-register to play the F2P version, participate in a gaming personality test, or access a “Invite a Friend” activity to acquire in-game elements.

KRAFTON Inc further noted that PUBG has evolved into a multimedia franchise, entering into other ventures like the PUBG E-sports besides different games, like the recently released PUBG: NEW STATE, and expanding its lore with PUBG Universe.

Finally, the wait for the game going free-to-play is coming to a close, with PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS soon to go F2P in 2022, available on PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and PC.

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