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Over time, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has become one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. Game developers strive to make provide the optimum playing experience to the players by adding new elements to the game every now and then.

Now, we have the “tallest and densest 8×8” map for the game and the map is called Deston. After some fruitful teasing, all the PUBG lovers can finally get a good look at this new location. Dave Curd who is the Creative Director at PUBG Studios and Michael Gilardi, the Lead of PUBG’s World Development Unit Madison took some time to unveil the map during the Dev Talk which took place on June 25.

The developers took some crucial feedback from Haven while designing Deston and here we are with one of the best maps in a while from PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. This map is going to give you a comprehensive experience of everything from urban areas to hills and from plains to swamps.

New Regions of Deston

There are four new regions on the new Deston map and these regions have all the qualities to deliver the best experience to the players and make it fun for them to win Chicken Dinner. Here are the new biomes of the Deston map:

  • The Swampland: If you go to the north of the map, you will find PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ first-ever swamp. It is covered with mangrove forests giving a dense coverage. So that makes it ideal for close battles.
  • Central Plains: Tried and tested central plains are very much similar to Erangel and Taego. It also has Lodge POI which is the biggest building in the game ever.
  • Concert District: This is a fun area in the game as it has a huge chicken balloon floating in the air. There is also a Paintball Arena where players can have all sorts of engagements. Also, Krafton has hinted that this area might become a part of the Team Deathmatch Mode. So spend a good time here people.
  • Western Highlands: All of the snipers are going to enjoy this area. It has large leveled plains with a wide range of visibility. So if you are a marksman, this is the one you will enjoy the most.

Exciting Features and Movement Mechanics

The movement mechanics are enhanced for the Deston map and it also brings some great new features that players are definitely going to enjoy. Here are some of the key new features from the new Deston map:

  • Ascender: This is a totally new movement mechanic for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. It is kind of a motorized pulley that will allow players to move up and down on a building easily. This will be found the most in special Cell Towers. Overall, it is a great fun feature to the game which will add more thrill.
  • Emergency Parachute: We have already covered that PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS has the tallest buildings ever on the Deston map. So what is the point if you can’t jump from them, right? For that, there is an always-on Emergency Parachute for the players. You can use it to jump from tall buildings. It can also be combined with the Ascender on Cell Towers to have a sling-shot movement in the game.
  • Gas Pump Stations: The new Deston map will be having gas stations as well and this time they will be working. So all the players can get fuel as they are traveling. But it has its own risks. Working stations will blow up real quick if someone shoots at them.
  • Blue Chip Detector: This is the newest Tactical Gear option for all the platers. It will assist players to get the location of the enemies in a defined radius. Think of it as a close-quarters version of Spotter Scope.
  • New Weapons: With the Deston map, players will also get new weapons including the new Origin 12 slug shotgun and the new MP9 SMG.

The new Deston map is all set to arrive this July 13 so all of the players can get excited about the new map.

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