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Poly Studio Zoom Rooms Systems Set to Redefine Hybrid Working

The hybrid working model is the new standard for many companies, and they are continuing with it. This has led to many innovations in the tech world as we see many accessories and apps that make the hybrid workflow easy. Video conferencing is an essential tool for a hybrid workflow, and Zoom Rooms are a go-to choice for many.

So the famous audio brand Poly is planning to dominate that market by launching a suite of Poly Studio Zoom Rooms System accessories that will take hybrid working to the next level.

Poly is launching a new TC10 controller and many video conferencing accessories to achieve that. It also combines all this with the HP Mini Conferencing PC.

Poly Studio Systems for Zoom Rooms

Poly is a famous brand in audio and video accessories, and with the launch of the Poly Studio Systems for Zoom Rooms, it will make a more substantial presence.

The Studio System comes with many cool accessories that are certified for Zoom Rooms. It also comes with an HP Mini Conferencing PC to keep everything organized. Furthermore, there is the Poly TC10 controller and scheduler that makes everything easy to manage.

Solution for All Room Sizes

Depending upon the size of the team and several other factors, there can be different Zoom Rooms in terms of size. So the Poly Studio Systems for Zoom Rooms has got them all covered.

The best part is that IT teams can access the operating system of their choice. This includes support for Windows and Android, two popular operating systems for hybrid workflow.

For Small Rooms

For small Zoom Rooms, users can select from the two bundle offers from Poly:

  • Poly Studio Small Room Bundle for Zoom Rooms that comes with Poly Studio R30 + Poly TC10 + HP Mini Conferencing PC.
  • Then there is the Poly Studio X30 + Poly TC8/TC10 bundle.

For Medium Rooms

If you are someone who wants innovative video conferencing tools for medium Zoom Rooms, then you can check out:

  • Poly Studio Medium Room Bundle for Zoom Rooms that features Poly Studio USB + Poly TC10 + HP Mini Conferencing PC.
  • Poly Studio X50 with Poly TC8/TC10 for Medium Zoom Rooms.

For Large Rooms

Users who deal with large Zoom Rooms can check out the following bundles:

  • Poly Studio Medium Room Bundle for Zoom Rooms that features Poly Studio E70 + Poly TC10 + HP Mini Conferencing PC.
  • The Poly Studio X70 with Poly TC8/TC10 bundle.
  • Poly G7500 bundle featuring Poly G7500 Codec + Poly Studio E70 + Poly TC8/TC10.

It doesn’t matter what kind of Zoom Rooms you handle; a suitable product configuration is available.

For small Zoom Rooms, you can go with the Poly Studio R30 from Poly Studio Systems; for medium Zoom Rooms, it is the Poly Studio USB video bar. For the large Zoom Rooms, users can go with Poly Studio E70.

The best thing about the Studio video bars is that they all have AI capabilities and come with Poly DirectorAI technology. So you are going to get the best quality.

New TC10 Controller

Of all of the new announcements, one of the most remarkable ones is the new Poly TC10 controller. This includes all the small, medium, or large Zoom Rooms bundles. This new controller makes it much easier for the users to control Zoom Rooms as it works as a native Zoom Rooms controller.

Availability Details

All interested North American and European users can now get the Poly Studio Systems for Zoom Rooms with the Poly TC10 controller/scheduler. It should start shipping near the end of this month. Poly says that these devices will be available worldwide starting next year.

However, these devices come with a handsome price tag, and only big corporations with a massive budget for such things can afford these new Poly Studio Zoom Rooms Systems. Regular users do not have much to do with these products.

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