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The new Nintendo Switch OLED Model and Metroid Dead arrives in stores

The new Nintendo Switch OLED Model is out now and available in stores. Nintendo OLED is the latest iteration of the Nintendo console, boasting a 7-inch OLED screen, offering gamers an exceptional experience with vivid colors and a sharper contrast, a cut above the previous model when used in handheld mode.

The third switch console of the gaming giant offers users an alternative to play the expansive and budding gaming library of Nintendo Switch at their convenience.

However, that is not the only prime launch of the Nintendo Switch. The model launch coincides with the next game in the Nintendo storied Metroid franchise – Metroid Dread, the first 2D Metroid game in 19 years.

The game marks the return of the intergalactic bounty hunter, Samus Aran, exploring the planet Z.D.R., investigating a mysterious transmission, an infestation of dangerous aliens, and killer robots.

Metroid is a Sci-fi epic portraying breathless and satisfying action, concluding with the fate interconnection of the hunter and the Metroid, bringing satisfaction and enjoyment to both existing fans and the newcomers to the storied franchise.

Updated features of the New OLED model

With the rodomontade feature of a 7-inch OLED screen, the new Nintendo Switch model offers a wide and adjustable tabletop standing mode that comes with a built-in wired LAN port and 64GB internal storage.

The model also features enhanced audio for both handheld and tabletop play, allowing users to play on the T.V. with detachable Joy-Con controllers to experience and share the multiplayer fun.

With its additional play anywhere versatility, the OLED model can be taken anywhere along. The Nintendo Switch OLED Model is specially designed to suit user life, presenting T.V. mode, Tabletop mode, and the Handheld mode.

three modes of nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch OLED Model comes in two colors; Nintendo – OLED white set, featuring white Joy-Con controllers with the black main unit and White dock, and the Nintendo-OLED neon red/blue, displaying neon red/blue Joy-Con controllers and the main unit and dock in black.

The whole set also packages a carrying case and a screen protector. The Nintendo Switch games offer parental control as well, with adults managing the accessibility of children, and the OLED Model is no exception.

However, the console doesn’t support 4K resolution, with no such hardware upgrade. But its HDR rumble grasp user attention perfectly, while the I.T. motion camera allows exploring new journeys.

Metroid Dead for Nintendo Switch

metroid dread for nintendo switch

All the existing games of Nintendo can be played on the new OLED model, less to think about compatibility.

In the Metroid Dead game, the triumphant story of the hunter Samus Aran continues, after the events of the previous Metroid Fusion game, where she advances to another mysterious journey in the planet Z.D.R., investigating a misty transmission to the Galactic Federation, in search for the lost research team.

The story continues with Samus’s harrowing encounter with a living Chozo – a race thought to be extinct, with her waking up below the planet’s surface. The remote world is infested with deadly villains and chilling robots, including the E.M.M.I, D.N.A, extraction machines, hunting Samus, and much more.

Traversing such an extraordinary journey, players can acquire magnificent skills and avail upgrades with such, finding alternate ways forward. Sprawling maps and evasion can destroy the robots and triumph over the disaster plaguing the planet.

With such remarkable graphics and storyline, players can receive an upgrade, better than they have seen till now – a new Samus amiibo figure with a featured suit and an E.M.M.I amiibo figure is also available in 2 pack sets, offering players extra energy and health upon scanning, with options to replenish missiles.

The new OLED model is available at a retail price of $349.99. The carrying case and screen protector come at an additional price of $19.99. The Metroid Dead game is available in stores or Nintendo e-shop, at a suggested price of $59.99, with the special edition at $89.99.

The special edition arrives with steel packaging, a game card, five high-quality art cards, keys for each 2D game, and a 190 – page artbook displaying all five 2D Metroid saga entries. The amiibo figure two-pack set is available for $29.99. The two major Nintendo Switch launches offer players to relive Samus’s adventures with remarkable graphics and sound.

Source: Nintendo

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