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Nintendo Adds Free Golf for Nintendo Switch Sports in the New Update

Nintendo Switch is easily one of the most famous handheld gaming consoles out there. It offers premium games as well as some excellent time-pass games. In a family setting or for any general user, having more games to play on the console is always a better option than having some limited premium games. That is why Nintendo has its own package of fun sports games. It is called Nintendo Switch Sports.

The package provides games like football, badminton, volleyball, bowling, fencing, tennis, etc., for users to play in a single or multiplayer setting. Nintendo is releasing a new update for the Nintendo Switch Sports, and now they are adding a new sport to the package: Golf! That too for free! So all the users who have the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Sports can now enjoy golf.

Golf Arrives to Nintendo Switch Sports with a New Update

All the swingers should be excited by this new announcement from Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch Sports game for Nintendo Switch consoles already has many great fun games. With Golf being the latest addition to the game, users can enjoy it a little more with a sophisticated setting.

Golf is now available for all Nintendo Switch Sports owners, and they can enjoy it entirely on their Nintendo Switch console.

Exciting New Golf Game

Users will get an extensive golf course that will have 21 holes spread across the land. The game is from Wii Sports, so you can expect a great user experience. As a player, you will also have many options to choose from.

You can either team up with your friends or play locally. Or you can also participate in the Survival Golf online mode that will have up to eight players. If you choose to participate in the latter one, then the rule for winning is simple. There will be multiple rounds, and the player with the most strokes will be eliminated each round.

Not Just Golf

Well, Golf is just a new fun addition to the Nintendo Switch Sports. This is a complete game package with many sports games in its arsenal. There is volleyball, badminton, bowling, football, tennis, chambara, etc. So there is no shortage for you to play games.

For users who do not have Nintendo Switch Sports, you are missing a lot of fun. The game is available for just 39.99 USD, and it offers you many sports games. If you are just going to play it by yourself, then you can progress further in the game with your own character using the fun Joy-Con controllers.

Also, if you have your family members or friends over then, you can also use it in multiplayer mode. So if you are ever hosting a party at home, this would be a fun little element. Players in multiplayer mode can join in person or via online mode. The game covers all the areas.

With a Personal Touch

Developers of the game also try to provide you with an immersive gaming experience, as there are many customization options available in the game. For instance, you can do many things with the appearance of your Sportsmate or Mii character. The platform allows you to personalize it to look just as unique as you.

While playing in online mode, you can earn many fun items as rewards. So you will be able to change the look of your character over time. Nintendo also adds new items every now and then. Now they have already added new Golf Gear.

One more exciting feature that Nintendo has added with the new update to Nintendo Switch Sports is LAN functionality. The feature allows you to play with nearby friends using a LAN connection. As of now, the feature works for seven sports, including Golf.

So what are you waiting for? Just go and get the latest update of Nintendo Switch Sports to get Golf and some new features.

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