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The New Update for Moonbreaker Brings “Astra’s Story” with New Map and More

It seems like Krafton has been pretty active with the updates for its popular games. Just a couple of days ago, we saw them announcing a new Vikendi Reborn Map for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. Well, that is not the only update from Krafton this week. We now have a new update for another popular game: Moonbreaker. The new update is named Astra’s Story, and they are also calling it EA 1.2.

With the new update, Moonbreaker will have some new and exciting content for the players, including the new Cholek Excavation Site map. Then there is the audio drama podcast series that is the third episode of the game’s “Moonbreaker: Tales From The Reaches.” Also, the game has much new exciting content with this new update so let’s explore all of them.

New Astra’s Story Update for Moonbreaker: All You Need to Know

A New Map: Cholek Excavation Site

Adding new maps is one of the favorite activities of developers at Krafton, and they don’t shy away from it. So now we have a new map for Moonbreaker with the new Astra’s Story update as well. The new map is the Cholek Excavation Site, so all the players can play on the new map from now on.

Remarkable, this is the second map in Moonbreaker that is inspired by the Cholek Culture. If we talk about the details of the map, then it has enormous and stunning head statues across the map. The statues are made by Cholek, of course!

According to the storyline, these statues were accidentally unveiled by Smugglers. The smugglers were digging the place to find some Cinder; instead, they found these giant statues with beautiful, polished purple gemstone eyes. The name and value of the gemstones are unknown.

Listen to the Latest Episode of “Moonbreaker: Tales From The Reaches”

As you might already know that there is an audio drama series named “Moonbreaker: Tales From The Reaches” for the game. This is for all the players who like to know more about the game, characters, and the universe in which it is set.

Well, the exciting news for all the players is that you will now get the third episode of the “Moonbreaker: Tales From The Reaches” audio drama series. The best thing is that all avid gamers can listen to the podcast in-game, and others can access it on all the popular podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Amazon Podcasts, etc.

So if you are someone who truly loves Moonbreaker and is deeply interested in the game, this is great content for you.

Showcase Your Cool Paint Jobs

Moonbreaker is a fun outlet for all the artists who like to paint. Well, the developers didn’t miss this highlight, and now they have added an option that allows all aspiring artists to share their paint jobs seamlessly. With the remarkable in-game painting tool, you can show off your painting skills. Then you can use the sharing option to showcase your paint job directly to the social media platforms of your choice right from the game.

Some Other Big Stuff

Apart from the major highlights of the new Astra’s Story update, developers have also added many new features and fixes with this new update. Some major ones are:

  • Now there is a toggle to mute or unmute audio when you lose focus.
  • The Create Roster button is relocated now, and it is also improved for better feedback.
  • The Cholek maps now have accurate battle music for added immersion.
  • For all first-time players, developers have added a new “intro” screen on many gaming modes.
  • Apart from this, there are some bug fixes, just like with any other update.

If you are on Steam, then Astra’s Story update for Moonbreaker is now live, and you can enjoy it. With a new map, it should be enjoyable to play.

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