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New Teller Devices from Epson Now have Networking Capabilities

Many of you might have heard about Epson for their printers. It is true that they make some of the best printers in the market. But Epson also makes many POS devices as well. This includes receipt printers, invoice generators, teller devices, etc. Well, now Epson is innovating with their new teller devices as the company has now added networking capabilities to the new devices.

The two new teller devices from Epson with networking capabilities are Epson TM-S2000II-NW and TM-S9000II-NW. These new devices bring many cool features for financial companies, so let’s know a little more about them.

Better Devices with Networking Capabilities for Financial Institutions

The finance industry is one of the industries that always need to stay updated with the latest technology. This includes all the new, most advanced, and safest devices available in the market. So there is always a big market for innovative and trusted brands.

Epson already has a strong presence in POS devices for financial institutions. That is why they want to be the flag bearers of all the latest technology. Following suit, they have launched their next-gen multifunction teller devices:

  • TM-S2000II-NW
  • TM-S9000II-NW

Both of the devices come equipped with advanced Ethernet connectivity options. This allows Epson to capture all institutions that are looking to upgrade to network-enabled devices. Since most of the institutions already rely on Epson for such devices, the company already has an upper edge.

Not only are the two models equipped with Ethernet capabilities, but they also have high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity. This is good as the devices become future-proof and become more flexible, which makes them easy to deploy.

Although both teller devices share pretty much the same specs and features, the TM-S9000II-NW comes with one extra feature. It comes with an integrated thermal receipt printer. The printer results in faster receipt printing.

If you want to see the two new devices, then you can reach Future Branches in Austin, Texas. They will be at the display from December 6 to 8.

Key Features

Some of the key features of the two new teller devices from Epson are:

  • They both have a check scanning feature so that institutions don’t need a separate device for it.
  • There is an LCD display that allows users to access the device and check its maintenance status quickly.
  • The networking capabilities allow these devices to seamlessly connect with the institution’s network using the latest networking software solutions. They can be programmed to do various tasks such as check processing, ID card scanning, etc.
  • These teller devices have remarkably fast scan speeds of around 225 dpm when used in USB mode and a speed of 200 dpm when used in networking mode.
  • There is dual-sided ID card scanning that allows for the seamless capture of color ID cards.
  • The Epson device admin tool allows for seamless monitoring of the devices via a laptop or any smart device.
  • Both devices have inbuilt memory that can act as backup storage in case there is some disruption with the network.
  • The teller devices also come with API compatibility.
  • The TM-S2000II-NW can seamlessly integrate with Epson TM-T70 Series or TM-T88 Series printers. This allows for a better workflow for many institutions.


All the institutions with the requirement for teller devices can now order the TM-S2000II-NW and TM-S9000II-NW via Epson Authorized Partners. They are also available by installation partners for financial institutions. Both devices come with a two-year limited warranty.

Since Epson already has a strong presence in this segment and it is a very niche segment, they will have a better chance at capturing a significant market chunk with these devices. Both devices don’t have a lot of usability for standard users, but they do provide some innovative solutions for financial institutions that require network-enabled devices. So it will be interesting to see how these devices perform in the market.

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