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MSI Launches an Exciting Range of Gaming Peripherals at COMPUTEX 2022 Online

The COMPUTEX 2022 event just started recently and MSI has announced a wide range of gaming products in the online event. MSI is also set to conduct its own virtual event and they are calling it MSIology: Ahead of the Curve. The event is set to take place on June 7 at 01:00 A.M. Taipei Time. But we already have the products that are going to be showcased at the event so let’s have a look at them.

Titan GT77 gaming laptop

msi trident gt77

First of all, we have the powerful gaming laptop: Titian GT77 from MSI. This flagship laptop already has the 2022 COMPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award and red dot.

MSI says that it one of a kind laptop that can truly replace your dedicated gaming desktop and still provide you the best-in-class performance. Apart from the performance features, the Titan GT77 also has flagship-grade cooling features that are truly remarkable.

msi mag trident s 5m

MAG Trident S 5M gaming desktop

Next on the list is the MAG Trident S 5M and this is a gaming desktop from MSI. We have this notion that gaming desktops are supposed to be big and bulky and this desktop breaks that notion as it is just 2.6 liter in size which is quite compact.

It comes with AMD Ryzen 7 APU and the motherboard also has two sets of 2 sets of SSD PCIe Gen 3 slots. You also get a 2.5-inch slot for the hard drive so that there is no shortage of space for you to put your games.

msi modern md272 series monitor

Modern MD272 Series Monitor

Modern MD272 series of monitors is great for gaming as it has dedicated features for eye protection which becomes important during gaming. The monitor comes equipped with Less Blue Light PRO tech from MSI and then it also has anti-flicker tech which makes it really great for gaming.

The series is all modern with USB Type-C ports and 65Watt power delivery and for sound, it has 2 speakers.

msi modern am242 and am272 all-in-one pc

Modern AM242 & AM272 All-in-One PC

Next on the announcements are the Modern AM242 and AM272 AIO PCs. These PCs have a unique feature as they allow you to backup your Android and iOS devices and this becomes possible because of the MSI Cloud Center.

The AIO PCs are great for people who want productivity as they have all the basic features you would want from AIO PCs.

GeForce RTX 3090 Ti SUPRIM X 24G graphics card

MSI has also launched the SUPRIM X 24G graphics cards and they are based on the GeForce RTX 3090Ti. These are already some of the most powerful graphics cards available out there and are specially made to deliver superior performance while maintaining top-class efficiency.

For heat dissipation, this series of cards come with TORX FAN 4.0, up to 8 Core Pipes, Airflow Control fins, and a copper base plate.

GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GAMING X TRIO 24G graphics card

MSI has also announced new cards in their iconic GAMING series cand the new GeForce RTX 3090 Ti GAMING X TRIO 24G graphics card is one of the best choices for hardcore gamers because it delivers all the power you need and it also has the gaming aesthetics that one expects from a gaming graphics card. This one also has the TORX Fan 4.0 with an innovative design to bring more airflow to their iconic TRI FROZR 2 cooling system.

The VIGOR GK17 SONIC Gaming Keyboard

MSI says that they have made this keyboard specially for eSports and it has the world’s lightest linear mechanical switches and they are calling them MSI SONIC RED. Overall, the keyboard is said to give less fatigue to the fingers and just help users in prolonged gaming sessions.


This superpowerful 2TB SSD from MSI has also made its way to the announcement and this one comes with high-density 3D NAND flash memory. It also follows the PCIe 4.0 compliance which means you get superfast read and write speeds with this one. It can deliver read speeds of up to 7000MB/s.

RadiX AXE6600 WiFi 6E Tri-Band Gaming Router

Then there is the RadiX AXE6600 WiFi 6E Tri-Band Gaming Router which has 7 high-speed channels to support gaming by a lot of people in small spaces. This is a perfect router for gaming.

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