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MSI has released an advanced 1000R Curved Gaming Monitors

Gaming is interesting and enjoyable, but playing for long periods can cause ocular eye strain. But what is the best way to play for lengthy runtime without developing a headache? Here are the benefits of having a 1000R curved monitor.

Curved monitors are currently available in various price ranges. However, what does the number mean? 1000R, for example, refers to a one-meter-radius curved display. The lower the number, the more curved and wider the monitor’s field of view is. You get an indulging experience during gameplays or video streams.

A typical human can see approximately 210 degrees in front of them. That said, you don’t want your eyes darting around the screen to keep up with what’s going on when you watch a show/movie. It allows for a more natural, immersive viewing experience when you’re staring at an ultrawide display that fits the curve of your field of view. But how much of a curve does it take to make a decent curve?

A 1000R curved display is the most comfortable to cut a long tale short since it nearly matches the human field of view. A 1000R curved monitor is ideal if you want near-perfect immersion in games, movies, and shows and enjoy large, wide screens that span your whole field of vision.

MSI quickly followed suit, releasing the Optix MAG342CQR, the world’s first 1000R Curved Gaming Monitor, at CES 2020. It further underlined MSI’s strong belief in Curved Gaming Monitors and its commitment to investing in them.

According to WitsView, MSI was named the fastest growing firm in the gaming monitor industry in May 2019. According to IDC’s figures, the gaming monitor industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. MSI upgrade itself constantly in manufacturing gaming monitor as it improves.

However, MSI didn’t stop innovating there! This time, they’re excited to present the MSI ARTYMIS 1000R series, which is engineered for gamers preferring a curved experience. Both monitors include 27-inch WQHD 1000R curved displays with 240Hz or 165Hz refresh rates.

Exploring The Beyond

msi mpg artymis 273cqr-qd

For gamers who seek a more immersive curved experience, the new MSI 1000R curved displays with QD Premium Color are available. Both the MPG ARTYMIS 273CQR-QD and MPG ARTYMIS 273CQRX-QD monitors come with 27″ WQHD 1000R curved panels with refresh rates of 240Hz or 165Hz.

The new MSI curved gaming monitors offer a completely new visual experience thanks to QD Premium Color, the industry’s highest standard for game display color.

QD Premium Color technology fills that void with the outstanding color accuracy of Delta E 2, pre-calibrated before exiting production. MSI also includes a real color calibration feature to customize their color profiles. The monitors, equipped with HDR technology, create greater details in dark areas with authentic dynamic contrast.

msi mpg artymis 273cqrx-qd

The new premium color models allow gamers to experience exceptionally vivid pre-loaded color profiles like sRGB, DCI-P3, and Adobe RGB for diverse user circumstances. Leave your competitors in the dust with features like a high refresh rate of 240Hz, a reaction time of 1ms, Freesync Premium Pro, and MSI Gaming intelligence.

Optix Scope, Night Vision, Smart Crosshair, KVM, and Sound Tune are four different viewpoints of smart MSI gaming features to enhance user experience. Through AI technology, MSI Gaming displays provide the finest competitive gaming advantage.

Gamers will benefit from the rapid IPS display’s ultra-fast response time, which will dramatically reduce monitor blur. The MSI MEG 271Q Mini LED further features a GtG reaction time of up to 1ms.

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