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MSI announces RadiX AXE6600 and AX6600 Gaming Routers

The best gaming routers have been dominated by Asus, TP-Link & others. But, all changed at CES 2023 when MSI formally announced its entry to the fray with a slew of new products.

A new player on the market, MSI, declared that it would launch three gaming routers, each focusing on a distinct Wi-Fi specification. While the RadiX AX6600 and RadiX AXE6600 both support Wi-Fi 6, the RadiX BE22000, a Wi-Fi 7 gaming router, is currently under development and is expected to be released early in the next year. Also revealed is the AX1800 Wi-Fi USB adapter.

For defined and seamless gaming

The RadiX AX6600 and RadiX AXE6600 are two new tri-band routers from MSI that include a Qualcomm 1.8 GHz quad-core CPU and can provide combined rates of up to 6600 Mbps.

The MSI Radix AXE6600 boasts a sleek-looking shield with an illuminated dragon emblem and a spaceship-style design that seems popular with gamers. Also, each of the six antennas has LEDs whose colors vary based on the router’s operational mode & the user can modify those LEDs to their preferences.

A power switch, a USB 3.0 network connector, and a 2.5GBps WAN port for cable connections are all placed on the back of the Radix AXE6600. For those with a fiber-to-the-door connection, this feature is significant. Four Gigabit Ethernet ports are also available.

The router’s top is adorned with many buttons used to turn off the lights & Wi-Fi or turn on WPS for simple wireless client pairing. The remainder of the top panel is a strip of LED indicator symbols that display information about the Internet connection status and Ethernet port activity. In the end, this router will be highly alluring to gamers and should take pleasure in being put next to the hottest gaming accessories.

On the other hand, the RadiX AX6000 Wi-Fi 6 Tri-Band Gaming router has two 5 GHz bands and provides users with most of the AXE6600’s functionality. The AX6600’s sole drawbacks are that it doesn’t support Wi-Fi 6E or MSI Mystic Light RGB.

Experience an ultra-fast gaming

Wi-Fi 6E technology is used by the MSI RadiX AXE6600, giving you access to the 2.4, 5, and 6GHz wireless bands and a theoretical maximum aggregate data speed of about 6,600 Mbps. The 6GHz band offers lightning-fast speeds and is less congested, but using it and its 160 MHz channels necessitates a computer or wireless adapter- like the new AX1800 Wi-Fi USB adapter.

Gamers can leverage that bandwidth when playing with the 6GHz band. Wi-Fi 6E transmits data more quickly than earlier wireless technologies and can accommodate bandwidth-hungry devices like gaming systems and high-definition video streaming.

AI QoS (Quality of Service) is a futuristic innovation in wireless bandwidth management. The RadiX AXE6600 comes with AI QoS configured and ready to use. To use the available spectrum, the system automatically prioritizes network traffic and dynamically modifies bandwidth. Overall, there are six QoS modes: AI Auto, Gaming, Streaming, WFH, and Conventional QoS.

A quad-core Processor housed inside the router guarantees that it runs at maximum speed. The RadiX AXE6600, according to MSI, is the first gaming router in the world with heat pipes and heatsinks covered with graphene to keep the powerful CPU cool even under stress. RadiX AXE6600’s capacity to effectively disperse heat should provide stable operation and a long service life, even under stress.

MSI is committed to offering cutting-edge solutions to gamers & with the new Wi-Fi router lineup, they have proved so!

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