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Microsoft announces Surface Laptop Go 2

Microsoft launched Surface Laptop Go in 2020 with a lot of optimism and now they have just recently launched the next generation of these laptops.

Just recently, Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop Go 2, and these laptops bring a lot of good features to the table.

Microsoft owns Windows and Windows is easily one of the best operating systems out there but still, some users complain that they do not get the best experience on their Windows laptops.

If you look at Apple, they make the Mac devices and use their own MacOS operating system. The workflow on Macs is next level and it is just seamless because all the hardware and software just communicate so efficiently.

Just by introducing their own M1 chip, they have seen exponential leaps in both performance and efficiency of their devices.

So Microsoft is the only brand that can make something like MacBooks and their response is the new Surface Laptop Go 2.

The Design

If we just talk about the design and color scheme of the new Surface Laptop Go 2 then it is safe to say that Microsoft has absolutely nailed it!

They come in four new stunning color options: Sage, Ice Blue, Sandstone, and Platinum. Since these are top-class laptops, the design is sleek and stunning. The color scheme is followed throughout the laptop at all places. Then there is the sleek and classy Windows logo on the back of the laptop.

The outside of the laptop has a premium aluminum finish and on the inside, it has pleasing Alcantara finishing. The Alcantara finishing is loved by a lot of people worldwide and is one of the key highlights of the Surface Laptop Go series.

Best of Windows 11

We have a laptop from the owners of Windows itself. So with this laptop, users will surely get the best experience with Windows 11. The laptop comes with Instant On, so as soon as you open the lid, it fires up. Then you get Windows Hello via the fingerprint reader built on top of the power button.

Basic Specifications

Let’s talk about the display first, the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 2 comes with a stunning 12.4-inch PixelSense Touch display the aspect ratio of the display is 3:2 which is quite unique and something you see on Microsoft laptops.

The webcam is also improved along with dual Studio Mics for giving you a better video calling experience.

As per Microsoft, this one has 30% more key travel than MacBook Air so the keyboard should be good. By looking at the laptop, the trackpad also looks sufficiently big.

The new laptops come with a Quad-core 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor which is more than enough. Microsoft also claims that these laptops are going to have all-day battery life.

If we talk about the weight, then it is a bit light compared to the MacBook Air M1(2.8 pounds) as the Surface Laptop Go 2 weighs around 2.48 pounds.

One part where Microsoft shines way more than Apple is the commitment to sustainability. The new laptop from Microsoft has a lot of replaceable components including the SSD, C-Cover (Keyset and Trackpad), AB Cover (Display), and battery.

Pricing and Availability

Users who want to get a new Surface Laptop Go 2 can preorder the laptop via Microsoft.com or BestBuy.com. The laptops are said to arrive in the markets starting June 7. The new Surface Laptop Go 2 starts at USD 599.

Further Reading

The thing to understand here is that this is definitely not the flagship laptop from the Surface series. Moreover, it is a touch laptop, and general consumers are not really a big fan of the touch laptops because they try to be two things at a time.

But this time, the pricing of these new laptops is really good. At a starting price of USD 599, these are not a bad deal.

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