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Meet Kone Air: A Wireless Ergonomic Gaming Mouse from ROCCAT

ROCCAT is a brand of Turtle Beach, and they make some cool gaming peripherals. We have some excellent news from ROCCAT as they unveiled a new wireless gaming mouse: The ROCCAT Kone Air. While it has the word gaming next to its name, the mouse is all-purpose and comes with many cool features for its price.

So far, it has been a busy month for Turtle Beach as they have announced a flight simulation rudder, a Meta Quest 2 charging dock, an Xbox controller charging dock, and a new mobile controller. With the new Kone Air gaming mice, Turtle Beach is just accelerating even further in the gaming accessories and peripherals market.

ROCCAT’s Kone Air Wireless Gaming Mouse

As mentioned earlier, the new Kone Air gaming mice is an all-purpose mouse that can be used for gaming as well. Now, ROCCAT’s aim was to provide users with an affordable option, and they have done a pretty good job at it.

Roccat Kone Air

With virtual workflow being a new thing, all professionals and gamers are adjusting to managing between work and game time. So with Kone Air, ROCCAT aims to resolve an issue for good. This mouse can be used for working as well as gaming. So it doesn’t matter if you are doing your office work or just playing some game with your squad; this mouse can be as versatile as you want it to be.

Comfort at Core

The brand claims that they have put 15 years of R&D into creating this ergonomic design of the mouse. Simply by looking at it, the mouse definitely feels quite comfortable and should deliver seamless comfort for prolonged hours of usage. The design looks very ergonomic and also looks aesthetically pleasing.

Seamless Connectivity

The Kone Air is a wireless gaming mouse, and one crucial requirement for any wireless gaming mouse is a low-latency seamless wireless connection. So this mouse claims that it will provide users will seamless connectivity while optimizing the battery life to the fullest.

So the mouse gives users a choice to choose between the 2.4GHz wireless connection, which is excellent for fast-paced gaming, or a reliable Bluetooth connection that can be used while working as it saves battery.

If you want quick maneuvering of the mouse, you can hook it to your PC directly and remove the two AA batteries to bring down the mouse’s weight. This is a great feature that can come in handy on multiple occasions.

Built to Last

With a Bluetooth connection, users can get over 800 hours of juice on this gaming mouse which is more than good; in fact, a lot better than many other gaming mice.

The Kone Air features ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye 19K DPI Optical Sensor along with ROCCAT’s Titan Optical Switches, so you get the best movement and actuation out there. It is tested for 100 million clicks, so the mouse should last you a very long time.

Pricing and Availability

There are two color options for the new Kone Air gaming mouse: Black or Arctic White, and it is one of those occasions where the white one looks better than the black options. The new ROCCAT Kone Air gaming mouse is now available worldwide. All interested users can head to ROCCAT’s official site or search for an authorized retailer.

It is priced at USD 69.99 which is quite good for all the features it brings. So if you are interested in getting a new gaming mouse, you can definitely check out this one. It is time you go with some other brand than the popular ones.

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