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Mark Levinson Unveils No 5909 Luxury Headphones

Mark Levinson has recently launched its 1st wireless headphones – the No 5909. It is a great milestone for a company known for creating high-end futuristic systems.

The No.5909’s frame is lightweight anodized aluminum with metallic-colored ear cups, a leather headband, and substitutable ear cushions to present audiophiles with a pleasant, elegant audio experience. These headphones were first introduced at CES 2022.

The headphones offer 40mm beryllium-coated drivers and provide Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity. They include 4 beam-steering microphones paired with Smart Wind Adaption for crystal-clear calling. The headphones from the Harman-owned brand are quite costly, pricing nearly twice more than the rates of Apple AirPods Max.


These headphones have a premium leather headband and removable leather ear cushions. The frame is crafted of anodized aluminum, and the ear cups are painted with automotive-grade metallic paint.

Each earcup encompasses a 40mm Beryllium-coated driver, acoustically optimized to the Harman Curve. It is an acoustic response devised by the US audio brand to offer audiences the ‘most preferable’ sonic signature.

mark levinson no 5909 headphone

The over-ear headphones have three modes of Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation, letting people determine how much noise they want to hear. The Mark Levinson No 5909 mode allows conversation among people without removing your headphones.

Customers can get 4 beam-steering microphones paired with Smart Wind Adaption, eliminating disruptive noise while speaking. The No 5909, named after Mark Levinson’s hi-fi elements, offers up to 34 hours of normal playback and 30 hours when activating the adaptive active noise cancellation.

An instant 15-minute charge via USB-C can also fetch 6 hours of music. A 3rd noise-canceling mode, ‘Ambient Aware,’ enables the audience to hear more of their environment & a 4 microphone array with ‘Smart Wind Adaption’ that holds phone conversations intact.

The Mark Levinson Headphones App allows for personalized listening with luxury headphones. Mark Levinson No 5909 headphones employ Bluetooth v5.1 connectivity paired with Sony’s LDAC, AAC, and Qualcomm’s aptX Adaptive codec support.

As per the company norms, these come with Hi-Res audio certification, support the LDAC audio codec & feature an acoustic response of up to 40kHz. Without a surprise, the No 5909 are excellent headphones.

They have a powerful and iconic design without feeling hefty on your head; they’re significant but not overly heavy, and they’re comfy for extended periods thanks to their nicely padded (and substitutable) leather-covered earcups and headband.

They fold flexible but not as you imagine but are close to the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 that has an aluminum frame & are hard to break.

More about HARMAN Curve

The HARMAN Curve is the acoustic response curve that has reached the best subjective scoring in blind listening assessments, the result of years of findings into hearing priorities and the benchmarks of beautiful sound.

A senior fellow at HARMAN & former president of the Audio Engineering Society – Dr. Sean Olive has led extra work on headphones science and established a predictive quantification score that contains superior sound with over-ear, on-ear, and in-ear headphones.

This ground-breaking finding was used in the innovation of the Mark Levinson No 5909, yielding the unbelievable acoustic performance realized in these benchmark headphones. The Mark Levinson headphones are available at $999.00 in Pearl black, Radiant red, and Ice pewter color ranges.

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