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Logitech Launches new Signature MK650 and MX Keys Mini Combo for Business

Logitech has unveiled its latest Signature MK650 Combo and the MX Keys Mini for business – two new keyboard features for the workplace & home office settings. The company’s latest products boost employee productivity and user experiences, allowing people to work more effectively.

Logitech Logi Bolt wireless security is included to meet IT organizations’ needs without sacrificing dependable connectivity in busy areas. They’re also compatible with Logi Options+, new software that allows for quick product customization and application-based presets to improve workflow and performance.

Logitech’s new approach, entitled The New Logic of Work, recognizes that a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer relevant and that everyone should have the equipment that best suit their work patterns for the optimal working experience.

Signature MK650 Signature Combo for Business

When comparing the MK650 Signature Combo for Business to typical mouse and keyboard combinations, the MK650 Signature Combo for Business presents a multitude of enhancements, including user-friendly comfort design elements.

The new one-key productivity shortcuts and Perfect Stroke typing on the keyboard enable employees to be more productive while improving their experience. The mouse also features Silent Click technology, which decreases click noise by 90%, and SmartWheel technology, which enables ultra-fast scrolling and increased precision.

Coming in graphite and off-white colors, the keyboard includes an integrated palm rest, and the mouse features rubber side grips that let users become more comfortable using it all day.

MX Keys Mini Combo for Business

In the next offering, the MX Keys Mini Combo for Business is intended for those with more complex workflow operations. The MX Keys Combo, according to Logitech, combines high levels of performance with a compact and sleek aesthetic that saves desktop space.

The rechargeable plug-and-play combo also allows employees smooth typing and great tactile response. The combo incorporates the MX Anywhere 3 for firms with the mouse & the sturdy, seamless MX Keys Mini for working keyboard, both in graphite.

Smarter power management makes backlit keys shine brighter, intelligently adjusting brightness to save battery life. The mouse works on almost any surface, even glass, and the MagSpeed wheel allows users to scroll quicker and more precisely down to the pixel level.

Both Logitech combos work with the Log Options+ program, allowing users to customize command mapping on the main and side buttons, enable dictation, create application-specific setups, and traverse several mouse-enabled computers to optimize workflow. Options+ allows a simple and comprehensive way to deploy on a large scale.

In addition to boosting connectivity, Logi Bolt, Logitech’s next-generation wireless communication protocol, is outfitted with Bluetooth security mode 1, level 4, which adheres to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS). The latest Logitech for Business combos employs recyclable paper packaging derived from FSCTM-certified forests and other strictly monitored sources.

The brand also affirms that some of the plastic parts in Logitech’s new Signature MK650 combo are verified carbon neutral and constructed from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic – 26% & 21% for the off-white mouse and keyboard.

While 64% and 28% for the graphite MK650 mouse and keyboard models. The Logitech new combos – MX Keys Mini and the Signature MK650 are set to go on sale this August. The price, on the other hand, has yet to be announced.

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