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Logitech introduces New Studio Series Keyboard and Mouse with Aesthetic POP Keys

Logitech introduces a new vibrant wireless mechanical keyboard with POP Keys and a POP mouse, with eye-catching features, equipped with customizable emoji keycaps. The package comes with a desk mat, bringing the newest products to users from Logitech Studio, adding character and joy to the daily work routine.

The new release of the mouse and mechanical keyboard redefines the overall look of the workplace, introducing new and exuberant aesthetics. Logitech calls the new wireless POP Keys mechanical keyboard “beautifully retro refined with a modern touch.”

While it may seem designed for kids with vibrant colors, it playfully targets mobile professionals with bigger personalities. Logitech embraces the originality of all users, developing products with innovation, targeting users with big personalities without compromising their productivity.

Logitech POP Keys and Mouse Features

The Swiss brand is exceptional in developing reliable computer peripherals and has brought together the new wireless keyboard and mouse, with an additional desk mat, exuding vibrancy.

The keyboard comes with a retro typewriter design, coupled with swappable buttons for emoji, particularly built to enhance the outfit of the personal workplace. The POP mouse compliments the wireless keyboard, presenting a top button for opening the emoji menu via one-tap, designed in a matching color theme.

logitech pop keys and mouse color options

The exuberant POP Keys is presented with eight swappable emoji keycaps – four built on the keyboard itself. The emoji keys are customizable as per user convenience, can be easily carried out using Logitech Options Software, available for download on PC or Mac.

The POP Mouse also comes with a top button that directly opens the emoji menu, easily customizable for one-tap convenience. Beautifully retro, the POP Keys brings comfy retro-style mechanical keys featuring new generation functions. The 12 new FN shortcuts come with Mute Mic, Snip Screen, and Media keys to facilitate the work in the modern workplace.

Logitech exclusively builds the setup to exude vitality, delivering an addictive typing experience with typewriter-style mechanical keys, enjoying the satisfying sounds of click, clack, and pop.

Exuding Vibrancy in Funky Colors

The POP keys are not as loud as conventional mechanical keys but bring the familiar clickity-clackity sound. It can withstand as much as 50 million keystrokes, the keyboard seems pretty durable and, with its compact size, fits well in backpacks.

The POP mouse comes in a cute and compact size, easily compatible in pockets or bags, ensuring the continuation of a productive day with Smart wheel, featuring automatic flipping from high precision to speed scroll mode.

The mouse presents a smooth body crafted to deliver comfort. Available in funky colors, the POP mouse, with its charming architecture, brings joy to the desk space. The mouse can be easily used with Logitech Flow for convenient text and file sharing between computers.

Logitech POP supports multi-device connectivity, capable of connecting up to three devices simultaneously via Bluetooth or through the Logi Bolt wireless receiver. The products come with long battery life, a proprietary feature of the Logitech brand.

The POP Keys keyboard and POP mouse are equipped with AAA batteries, promising three years of battery life and adding functionality. The battery compartment brings an additional slot for placing the user’s wireless USB receiver.

The POP package is the newest addition to the Logitech Studio Series. The series also welcomes the Pebble Mouse, K580, K380 keyboards, and the latest desk mat.

POP Keys is compatible with macOS, iPadOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS, while the POP mouse works with macOS, iPadOS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.

The price range starts from $99.99 for POP Keys, $39.99 for POP mouse, and $19.99 for the Desk Mat, available for purchase from November 2021 at global retailers or online on Logitech.com.

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