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Logitech adds a new member to its ergonomic series: Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Most of us have been WFH, with desks and workspaces much smaller than we were used to at the office. As a result, many home workers are likely to have experienced pain and possibly RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) due to working in tight and less-than-ideal conditions.

Many computer users suffer from discomfort in their wrists, arms, and backs due to improper mouse and keyboard posture. Hence, Logitech’s Ergo Labs have developed a solution that might dramatically minimize the amount of pain or discomfort felt by folks who work at a computer.

The revolutionary Lift vertical mouse results from Logitech’s research and is suited for persons with tiny to medium-sized hands. The Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is the newest addition to Logitech’s accessory portfolio.

As the name implies, the Lift is meant to assist users in achieving all-day comfort while working at office space desks, making them place their palms sideways on the mouse.

The Lift has a vertically oriented design that places your hand at a 57-degree angle for enhanced ergonomics. Because you’re holding your wrist at an equal angle to shaking someone’s hand, utilizing mice as the Lift may assist in considerably minimizing wrist strain when compared to using a regular mouse.

Key features

The Lift foregoes the MX Vertical’s beautiful appearance in a more simple and fun style. However, it still has the rubber grip to keep it tight in your hand, and it has most of the same critical features.

Two primary buttons, a scroll wheel that stresses smooth, silent scrolling, a DPI change button, and two thumb buttons are all featured on the mouse. In addition, a button on the bottom of the Lift allows you to choose between three different devices to which you may connect it.

It boasts a magnetic SmartWheel that works smoothly and accurately, just like Logitech’s newest MX Master and MX Anywhere mice. In addition, Logi Options software for Mac or Windows may program the Lift’s buttons.

You can also use the Lift to wirelessly connect up to three devices, whether macOS, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, or iOS and Android devices. Bluetooth or the accompanying Logi Bolt USB Receiver can be used to make the connection.

The Logitech Lift is distinct in that it is not just built for right-handed people, as many mice of its sort are. While the right-handed variant is the most generally accessible, a left-handed version is available in Europe and North America.

The right-type variant can be purchased in rose, off-white & graphite. Meanwhile, the left-type variant has got the graphite version alone. In addition, this mouse is compatible with Logitech Flow. This company-exclusive software feature allows the mouse to be used on numerous computers simultaneously, even if they run different operating systems.

The Logi Options Plus program must be installed on both computers for the pointer to go from one to the other. Logitech is also attempting to lessen the Lift’s environmental effect by utilizing 70% post-consumer recyclable materials in the graphite variant and 54% in the rose and off-white models.

Furthermore, Logitech claims that all of its products, including the Lift, are certified carbon neutral due to investments in renewable energy, forestry, and other carbon-reduction programs.

Lift, the newest member of Logitech’s Ergo Series, maintains the company’s human-centered and science-driven commitment to mouse design. The Logitech Lift vertical mouse is now available for $69.99 or €79.99.

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