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LG’s UltraGear Gaming Monitors Become First Ones to Get VESA AdaptiveSync Display Certification in the World

There are only a handful of brands in the world that make as good gaming monitors as LG. The South Korean tech giant makes some of the most stunning gaming monitors and displays in the world and following the same suit, they are now progressing even further.

The good news comes from the LG UltraGear gaming monitor series. Two models of the series, 27GP950 and 27GP85 are now one of their kind gaming monitors because they now have VESA AdaptiveSync Display certification. Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) launched this standard a few years ago.

All the monitors which are just two at the moment from LG that has the VESA AdaptiveSync Display logo make it easiest for the customers to see if the monitor has VESA AdaptiveSync Display certification or not.

Gaming displays in particular have variable refresh rates (VRR) and this logo helps buyers identify and compare such gaming monitors before buying them.

What is VESA Adaptive-Sync Certification?

Buying a gaming monitor is an extremely challenging task. The entire visual experience of your gaming depends on it so there are factors like picking a display’s size and resolution, the performance of the monitor, etc. On top of that, you also have to see the various refresh rates a monitor supports and then Adaptive-Sync compatibility (Nvidia G-Sync versus AMD FreeSync).

There was a rising demand for a standard that could help people decide which gaming monitor is going to be the best for gaming. That is when VESA rose to the occasion.

The association developed a test called Adaptive-Sync Display Compliance Test Specification also known as Adaptive-Sync Displat CTS.

This is one of the first open standard and logo programs made for monitors and there are two different tiers of this certification. There is the MediaSync Display then there is the Adaptive-Sync Display.

If we talk about the MediaSync Display so any monitor having this logo meets a high level of quality optimized for media playback as per VESA. So you won’t face any frame drops or jitters on a MediaSync certified display.

Then there is the Adaptive-Sync Display tier which is optimized for gaming. It is aimed at displays that have a lot of variable frame rates and low latency. This logo ensures that you are going to get the best VRR capabilities on a monitor.

Let’s try to understand why we have AdaptiveSync in the first place. The AdaptiveSync helps to sync the refresh cycle of a monitor to that with the connected graphics card. This technology eliminates all the screen tearing that happens when both monitor and GPU are not in sync.

What Does that Mean for LG UltraGear Gaming Monitors?

Models 27GP950 and 27GP85 from the LG UltraGear series now have VESA AdaptiveSync certification which means that they have passed all the rigorous and demanding requirements of the VESA AdaptiveSync Display Compliance Test Specification (Adaptive-Sync Display CTS).

The VESA AdaptiveSync Display CTS has 50 “automated display performance” tests. The tests are used to see the benchmark scores across various criteria. refresh rate, flicker, gray-to-gray response times, frame-rate jitter, and frame drops are a few variables that are tested.

The main aim of the test is to assess the VRR capabilities of a monitor. LG UltraGear 27GP950 and 27GP850 will now have the VESA AdaptiveSync logo which means they have a high refresh rate, and their GTG(Grey-to-Grey) response time is fast, and the latency is quite low. This means that the laptops qualify across all the metrics to provide you with a seamless gaming experience.

Getting the logo means that these two monitors have passed the VESA’s Adaptive-Sync Display CTS and met the required scores. These monitors are 27-inch in size and have an LG Nano IPS panel which is an advanced display tech from LG. So if you are looking for a world-class gaming monitor, the VESA AdatpiveSync certification has made the job easy for you. Just consider these two and keep them on top of your list.

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