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LG to launch 2022 Soundbar lineup at CES 2022

LG electronics will be introducing a fresh lineup of their most recent sound system devices in a couple of weeks at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 called the 2022 Sound Bar Line-up. For those who don’t know, the Show will be taking place from the 5th of January to the 8th of January in Las Vegas, Nevada, America.

However, LG will be setting up a digital booth of their own – from the 4th of January (Pacific Standard Time) onwards – specially for the fans to try out the best and latest the company has to offer. Attendees of the virtual exhibit will get to try out the CES 2022 Innovation award winning FP9, a wireless earphones set from LG electronics’ TONE Free lineup. The merit-holding FP9 wireless earphones also come with a UVNano case, 3D sound stage, plug and wireless connectivity and unique Whisper Mode.

Fans will also get to experience the XBOOM 360, LG’s omni-directional, portable Bluetooth speaker and the UltraGear Gaming Speaker. However, the true highlight of the virtual exhibit is expected to be the all new complete 2022 Sound Bar Lineup.

LG’s Sound Bar model S95QR has upgraded their sub-woofers, speaker drivers and speaker chambers. The woofers now emanate a lower, more rich bass. LG designed the 2022 model of wireless rear speakers to have six channels rather than four which is what older models have. There are now 4 front and side firing drivers along with two up firing drivers. What’s more, the rear speakers deliver audio in a 135 degree area for a fuller sound especially in smaller spaces.

While there are two upfiring drivers, the S95QR has a total of 5 upfiring channels as well as a centre upfiring speaker which will be the world’s first ever. The centre upfiring speaker reportedly provides clearer dialogue. Three of the upfiring channels will be on the soundbar and the other two will be on the rear speakers.

The 2022 soundbar has 9.1.5 channels and can even deliver an output of 810 Watts.

Consumers are suggested to use the sound system with IMAX Enhanced for even better results such as 3d audio.

As long as the soundbar has a strong connection, users will no longer have to worry about lagging or random drops in audio.

Users even have the option to up-mix two of the channels, making it a 7.1 channel sound system. LG credits Meridian Audio’s Horizon technology in what they call “Music Mode” for user’s ability to up-mix.

Using just your voice, you can control the volume of your audio, pause and play or change sound modes through their smart devices.

LG now has a WOWCAST WiFi audio dongle to enjoy multi-channel audio without having to use a wire for connectivity.

For the gamers that find themselves keenly awaiting LG’s Sound Bar, the S95QR features ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) and has VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) to keep the audio and visual in perfect sync.

Users that own an LG TV will find that their LG Soundbar can use the TV’s Artificial Intelligence Sound Pro Feature to make all audio cleaner and more lifelike. The compatibility between the devices also means everything is now easier to control. Both the LG TV and 2022 Soundbar can be controlled by a singular remote.

The LG 2022 Soundbar can even use AI Room Calibration which analyses the dimensions of any room that the Soundbar is in to ensure accurately delivered audio.

In efforts to go green, LG reportedly uses 100% paper packaging during shipping and claims its lighter weight, reduces emissions in transit. The LG Soundbar apparently also uses recycled plastic resin for its outer case.

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