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LG launches brand-new CineBeam 4K laser projectors for the improved home theatre experience

The brand-new CineBeam short-throw projector from LG is reliable for the home cinema experience. LG revealed two new CineBeam 4K laser projectors, the models – HU715Q and HU710P, which are the company’s most sophisticated projectors to date.

Developed to maximize the cinematic experience in the home, the recent models will be accessible in the 1st quarter of 2022 in important regions such as North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East & Latin America.

The former is a new arrival into the embryonic Laser TV industry and Ultra Short Throw variant. Projecting a 100-inch image only needs to be set 21.7cm away from a wall. A Kvadrat cloth cover blends nicely with the rest of the room’s decor.

Similarly, the older versions of projectors are a few meters away from end images that were supposed to be projected on a larger screen. It enables you to place the TV stand like a typical TV model.

Upgrading the home cinema experience

lg cinebeam 4k laser projector

With the temptation of in-home viewing growing in popularity due to the ongoing pandemic’s stay-at-home nature, the idea of having a large screen at home is becoming increasingly appealing.

The LG HU715Q and HU710P projectors both come with a 4K resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 vivid pixels, a contrast ratio of 2,000,000:1, in addition to a high peak brightness of 2,000 ANSI Lumens.

On the other hand, the HU715Q features a brightness scale of 2,500 ANSI lumens. The projectors can be easily aligned horizontally and vertically, allowing for versatile placement without any distortion. Both types are small and simple to set up, and they are guaranteed for 20,000 hours of use, which LG claims are four times longer than traditional projector lamps.

The more traditional HU710P features a Hybrid Laser in addition to a LED light source and also has a 2.9-4.6m throw with a 1.6 zoom. Both include three HDMI inputs with eARC and two USB connectors.

Keystone correction with 4, 9, and 15-point warping aids installation by allowing integrators to modify lateral and straight alignment for seamless positioning. LG CineBeam is a webOS TV specifically built for movie buffs and residential homes.

It features exceptional brightness, amazing picture and sound quality, and a selection of the most popular online streaming apps. A CineBeam projector from LG would not disappoint anyone looking to build or upgrade a home entertainment system.

Other additional features include a Brightness Optimiser responsible for adjusting brightness based on ambient illumination levels: a Dynamic Tone Mapping analysis and fine tweaks each frame to accommodate HDR handling. A Filmmaker Mode is a consistent image setting designed to display movies where filmmakers intended them to be perceived.

LG’s webOS platform provides smart functionality and connectivity to several famous online streaming platforms, namely Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube & Apple TV.

The LG HU715Q comes with a built-in sound system with four woofers and a 2.2-channel stereo system. When one or two Bluetooth speakers are connected, ambient sound can be incorporated.

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