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LG is all set to unveil Objet TV and StandbyME Lifestyle TV Lineup at CES 2022

Set to be officially announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2022, LG Electronics has shed some exciting details on their two newest products. The products will be part of LG’s Lifestyle TV lineup, their latest series. The initiates of the Lifestyle TV lineup are called the LG Objet TV (model65Art90) and the LG StanbyME (model27Art10).

The South Korean Electronics company formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar, is said to have designed the products to fit the wants, desires and needs of the modern, technologically centered family. Created for the breadwinners who have conference meetings through their devices, students who are expanding their knowledge through the screen and for when the two come together to unwind.

Supported by an advanced processor the LG Objet TV measures in at a pleasurable length of 65 inches of OLED evo screen. To accompany this the TV has a 4.2-channel, 80-Watt sound system to transform you into any film during movie nights.

The TV offers various viewing styles and settings. When users set the Objet TV to gallery view, they may enjoy a slew of nature and galaxy themed pictures. Then when it’s time for users to get into the groove, they may switch to the TV’s music setting, turning it into a massive audio player. On regular weekdays, the TV can be set to Line view to update users on the date and time.

As per user’s desires, the slender Objet TV can either be mounted on the wall to include it as a part of the house or positioned against the wall at a soft 5-degree angle. Although the TV is framed by clean, narrow lines, it includes an in-frame cable system to connect to set-top boxes or other devices.

The LG Objet TV expresses itself with a screen-focused contemporary look. The TV will reportedly be made available in “neutral” colors to blend in seamlessly with modern homes. LG has given users the option to cover the screen in times when it’s not being used by a button-controlled fabric cover that can be raised or lowered partially according to the user’s desire.

The fabric cover is apparently created by the Danish textile inventor, Kvadrat and is even interchangeable. The fabric cover comes in Kvadrat Green, Kvadrat Beige and Kvadrat Redwood.

lg standbyme

The LG StanbyME is what can be described as a portable TV that comes with a stand with wheels that can be concealed so the entertainment unit can be moved from room to room with ease. The TV is wireless and comes with a built-in battery that will allow users a total of three hours before recharging.

The LG StanbyME measures in at a delightful 27 inches in length and the entertainment unit can even be used in both portrait and landscape orientations. The TV is probably attached to an axis as it can be rotated, swivelled and tilted in both orientations, giving users the opportunity for maximum customisation.

The TV uses Mobile Screen Mirroring for users to stream content directly from their latest Android or Apple smartphones. Users can even connect their Personal Computers via wireless connection or USB or HDMI. The LG StanbyME can be operated by users via either touchscreen, gesture recognition or a remote.

The StanbyME has a reportedly unparalleled user’s interface designed to tailor meet users’ viewing habits and styles.

Not unlike the LG Objet TV, the StanbyME comes with a rear, textured, beige cover to blend in with user home decor. Once again like the Objet TV, it can display photos or the date time when not in use.

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