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LG at Milan Design Week 2022

The Milan Design Week is one of the most prestigious design events in the world. This time it is coordinated by Salone del Mobile and the event will go on from June 7 to 12.

This is an event where brands from all over the world join the ethos of design and celebrate design philosophy. This event is not a normal showcasing event, instead, this event provides visitors with experiences that they carry with them for their lives.

This year, LG is also participating in the Milan Design Week and this time they are focusing on their human-centered design philosophy.

The Milan Design Week is the world’s largest design trade fair. It has over 370,000 attendees and they are from over 188 countries. There are 2,100 booths in the entire fair where these brands showcase their design concepts to other people.

LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite

The first big showcase from LG in Milan is their Signature Kitchen Suite. It consists of high-tech, modern, state-of-the-art solutions that can seamlessly integrate with any existing kitchen. These solutions help to bring the best of both worlds that is design and technology so that users can get a next-level kitchen experience.

LG will be focusing on its True to Food theme. For this, they will be having a dedicated and expansive 400 m² Signature Kitchen Suite booth. Under the theme, LG’s main goal is to spread awareness about why it is important to preserve the value of the ingredients of the food you eat until it’s plated.

Again, the Milan Design Week is all about experiences and LG will not be cutting back on it at all. They will be providing visitors with various events in different sections where they can experience a better culinary life.

Since it is a classy event so LG will be radiating that stylish vibes and customer values with its sophisticated lineup.

There is also an event from LG’s True to Food Itinerary event that will be coinciding with the Milan exhibition. The event will be taking place at the Signature Kitchen Suite showroom in Piazza Cavour, Milan.

Basically, LG will be showcasing everything that works towards the preservation of the authentic flavor and freshness of edible products. And all of this will be demonstrated using specially made customer experiences.

Collaboration Between LG and Molteni&C S.p.A

For the Milan Design Week, we are also going to see a big collaboration between LG and Molteni&C S.p.A. For those who don’t know, Molteni&C S.p.A is a luxury Italian furniture brand.

This collaboration is for the presentation of the LG SIGNATURE brand and they are going to showcase the style and modern tech features of this brand.

LG is taking things to the next level by providing both virtual and physical experiences for its users so that they can witness the features of these innovative products from the collaboration.

There will also be a short film that will be running out during the entire week. The name of the film is Hide and Seek and it showcases the innovative products from LG SIGNATURE and will also focus on classy Molteni&C furniture.

The short film is created by Francesca Molteni and produced by LG SIGNATURE. Francesca Molteni is an influential art and visual director and he is also the founder of the Muse Factory of Projects.

Overall, the short film will showcase what this new collaboration between LG SIGNATURE and Molteni&C is all about. LG has also mentioned that there will be special “HIDE & SEEK” events during the event. So all the designers and architects can fully enjoy the event.

LG’s Collaboration with Moooi

LG will also be collaborating with a luxury lifestyle brand, Moooi. This collaboration will bring new innovations and a new class to the LG OLED Objet Collection Easel (65Art90) and Posé (LX1) models.

Now, this collaboration is focused on Moooi’s signature ‘A Life Extraordinary’ exhibition. And because of this, users will be seeing some new designs for these lifestyle TVs.

For people who are attending the Milan Design Week, LG’s showcase will definitely be something worth watching.

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