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Lenovo Unveils New ThinkStation P360 Ultra Desktop Workstation

Because laptops are so efficient these days, most tech brands do not spend hefty resources on making desktop workstations. Even if they do, the workstations are generally loaded with the top specs for people who need next-level performance.

But it seems like Lenovo is interested in desktop workstations as they have recently unveiled the Lenovo ThinkStation P360 Ultra desktop.

This is a powerful desktop workstation that comes with the latest specs and the best thing is that it is really compact. With this new workstation, Lenovo is setting a new bar for what desktops could look like.

Compact Yet Powerful

One of the key highlights of the new ThinkStation P360 Ultra is its compact form factor. Lenovo says that the total volume of the chassis of this workstation is under 4L.

Still, the laptop brings some powerful hardware under the hood as it comes with 12th Gen Intel Core processors and it also supports up to NVIDIA RTX A5000 mobile professional graphics.

Because of this, users can get superior performance from a tiny desktop and Lenovo also said that it is 50% better in terms of performance compared to other compact desktop workstations from the previous generation.

Built to Deliver

As mentioned earlier, these days, desktop workstations are made to get unparalleled performance as all of the components can perform at their max capacity without worrying about the battery life.

Users who belong to the creative industry need power and performance so that they can run heavy software like CAD and BIM apps, work with AR and VR software, render videos, and even do ML computing and stuff. With these new workstations, even users with smaller offices do not have to worry about getting the best performance.

A Powerful Option

Lenovo already has ThinkStation P360 Tiny so that organizations can have a workstation that could fit in tight spaces. But for users who need more power and performance, there is the new ThinkStation P360 Ultra.

It is also a good choice for users who travel or are out in the field and always need a powerful rig to do their work. The workstation is merely the size of a headphone stand and you can even keep your headphones on it. Organizations that have tight spaces but need power can get this one for their day-to-day tasks.

Performance in Mind Always

Despite having a tiny form factor, Lenovo says that their goal with this new workstation was always to support high-end components.

For designing this one, Lenovo has worked with both NVIDIA and Intel so that it could support RTX A5000 mobile graphics card and 12th Gen Intel Core processors with up to 16 cores at up to 125 watts while also maintaining sufficient cooling in the chassis.

Basic Specifications

Just because it has a small form factor does not mean it can’t deliver. This one is packed with some of the top specifications you can get right now from a desktop workstation. In terms of design, Lenovo has put the motherboard in the middle of the chassis which allows them to get the best colling and space efficiency to fit in all the components.

If we talk about the RAM on this device then it can give you up to 128GB of DDR5 memory. Then there are two PCIe Gen 4 slots, then there is support for up to 8TB of M.2 storage.

Since it is a desktop workstation, it can support up to eight displays at once. It also has dual onboard ethernet and Thunderbolt ports. Despite being tiny, there are not a lot of tradeoffs.

Pricing and Availability

The new ThinkStation P360 Ultra desktop workstation by Lenovo is going to be hitting the markets by the end of this month. The pricing for the workstation is USD 1,299. With all the powerful specs, the pricing is quite sweet. So it will be interesting to see how the new desktop workstation performs in the market.

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