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Lenovo Launches ThinkVision T86, T75 and T65 Large Format Displays

Fortune Global 500 Company, Lenovo just announced three new LFDs, (large format displays) in their ThinkVision lineup for educational purposes and conference rooms.

The products have been announced by Lenovo with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on the horizon.

The three new products mainly vary from each other in length. The ThinkVision T86 measures in at a namely 86 inches, with the ThinkVision T75 and ThinkVision T65 following suit, at 75 inches and 65 inches respectively.

When it comes to visuals, the new products in the ThinkVision lineup include a high-end web cam with each device. The web camera needs now wires as it can be connected through a USB port. The web camera limits its field of vision at 122 degrees and is 4K AI-enhanced. The camera allows for 4x zoom and includes a voice tracking function to keep track of meeting participants.

Aside from that, it even allows for a privacy light as well as a shutter lens. Users will appreciate newer improvements such as light sensors for adaptive brightness. To save energy, the ThinkVision lineup even includes human sensors that apparently turn the display off when all participants have left the meeting.

As an extra inclusion, the web camera is protected by an anti-theft screw. As for audio, the ThinkVision lineup devices have an 8-array microphone to complement its built-in speakers.

To support these features, the Lenovo ThinkVision lineup has an embedded Android 9.0 operating system as part of its SoC (system-on-chip). The probable cause behind it’s simple and easy user interface.

These Lenovo devices allow for both a wire connection as well as a wireless connection with what is called their W20 dongle.

Other features of the Lenovo ThinkVision lineup, such as the built-in whiteboard software complements the devices’ large surface areas. The features also include the ability to delete, copy or highlight annotations on the screen made by other users. Users also have the ability to zoom in and out of various images such as notes or diagrams during presentations.

Lenovo’s ThinkVision T86, T75 and T65 allows users enough space to make annotations themselves as well as notes or any other form of helpful visuals.

Lenovo claims the lineup gives users and meeting members the most opportunities to participate and remain engaged in meetings. The ThinkVision products are said to promote inclusion and connection amongst meeting members. Lenovo is amongst a slew of other tech companies creating products that fit into today’s new age of living through screens. Two years of the pandemic later and industry leaders are capitalizing on the surging need of easier remote access to one another.

Users – such as schools, universities and conglomerates – will be paying for size when it comes to the Lenovo’s ThinkVision lineup.

The ThinkVision T86 will cost $7999 USD and will be made available from April of 2022, 4 months after this initial announcement of the lineup. The ThinkVision T75 is priced at $1000 less at $6999 USD and will be available at the same time. For ten inches less, the ThinkVision T65 retails at $4999 and follows suit, being made available in April of next year.

Lenovo announced other various specifications of their ThinkVision lineup.

The devices all have infrared touch with a 1mm margin of error and are supported by a 4GB RAM AND 64GB memory.

Aside from the USB port that connects the webcam, users can also connect type C wires, HDMI, USB 3.0, Ethernet, DisplayPort, audio and serial interface.

The screen’s brightness can reach 400nits and has an anti-glare coating and each of the ThinkVision built in speakers are 15 Watt.

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