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LG Unveils UltraGear 17G90Q Gaming Laptop With 17.3-inch FHD Display

LG Electronics has announced its perfect holiday surprise to fans, introducing its first-ever gaming laptop – UltraGear 17G90Q, embarking on its way to expanding the premium UltraGear lineup. With the announcement, LG has made a global sensation among fans and has brought new and exciting opportunities for gamers across the globe.

With its powerful performance and elegant design, the laptop is meant to deliver an immersive gaming experience to gamers worldwide, allowing them to witness the sublime experience everywhere on the go. Besides, the laptop is famed to be an honoree of the CES 2022 Innovation Award.

Key Features

LG’s new laptop is equipped with the Intel Tiger Lake H processor and an NVIDIA graphics card – GeForce RTX 3080 Max-Q. There is also a dual-channel memory with an ultra-fast SSD setup. Apart from this, the laptop’s IPS panel is about 17 inches with a 1-millisecond response time.

lg ultragear 17g90q gaming laptop

The laptop is packed with innovative features and best-in-class hardware. It caters to the modern needs of the gamers, letting the professional gamers enjoy immersive gameplay, even with the games that have the most challenging graphics. Furthermore, the laptop features a refresh rate of 300 Hz to present a fluid gameplay experience.

Besides, the cooling system with a vapor chamber bars the laptop from overheating, even when its boundaries are pushed. The gaming laptop inherits the lightweight architecture from scratch and showcases a streamlined and highly portable design.

The 17G90Q packs a large screen that complements its sleek body and brings a brilliant 93W battery. Additionally, the new and slim laptop has a thickness that doesn’t cross the bar of 21.4mm and weighs even less than 2.7 kgs.

The first-ever UltraGear gaming laptop presents a unique but durable style, displaying an aluminum casing. A winged UltraGear badge on the exterior also demonstrates the signature quality and power – the premium gaming brand boasts for.

Additional Features

The new 17G90Q is further equipped with LG’s gaming software to optimize the gaming experience. With LG UltraGear Studio, users get options to customize gaming attributes while tracking a multitude of performance data – memory share rate, CPU or GPU clocks, all in real-time.

Even users have the liberty to customize each keyboard key of the RGB keyboard with the color of their choice, making it even attractive in their unique way. Besides the next-level personalization option, quality, rich graphics, and high-performance abilities.

The gaming laptop of LG brings captivating three-dimensional audio via its built-in bi-way speaker system. Furnished with the DTS:X Ultra, the speakers are added to display directionality and track the sound source in the gaming atmosphere.

It would be remarkable in helping gamers to find their teammates and beat enemies at their convenience. That’s not all. Thanks to the Intel Killer Wireless, the LG UltraGear Gaming Laptop exhibits a fast and stable connection, which further ensures a lag and frustration-free online game-play experience.

The first-ever gaming laptop by LG will be available from early 2022, first in the US and South Korea, and the other markets will follow later.

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