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Lenovo announces the new Legion 7 Laptops

Lenovo is renowned for its ThinkPad office laptops, but it has gained popularity in Legion gaming devices. Nowadays, the laptop creators are revamping the earlier series with an updated one that contains the Legion 7 & Legion Slim 7, brought with AMD or Intel processors.

Very few gaming PC featuring AMD’s Ryzen 6900HX system & Radeon RX6850M XT visual designs are offered, and the Legion 7 is one of them. It features an enormous gaming system, vast bridges, large power batteries, and amazing RGB lights, along with the updated processors & graphical chips from the 2 major chipmakers.

A seamless design with a hint of vibrant colors, 1080 camera pixels & HD displays are common across different systems. Additionally, it includes Intel’s 12th Generation processor of Core i9-12900HX & Nvidia’s RTX 3080 graphical interface, giving it an overall graphics capacity of 175W.

Acme of Performance

The Legion 7 & Legion 7i got designed for efficiency over the slim series was convenience. These 2 devices can support AMD’s (Legion 7) & Intel’s (Legion 7i) latest processors, around a Ryzen 9 6900HX/Intel Core i9-12900HX.

lenovo legion slim 7 gen7

In addition, you can have around 32 GB RAM – DDR5 (16 GB * 2) & a 2 TB SSD and get the Lenovo Legion AI Engine 2.0. The world’s foremost 16-inch gaming laptops are from Lenovo Legion 7 versions. With a new hinge and I/O interface, the laptop’s sports-tuned form is sleek, beautiful, and discreet.

The Legion 7-series devices, apart from being durable, have a few additional capabilities over the Legion 5 Pro from 2022. This one has a 1080-pixel web camera in place of 720-pixel & a great 99.99 Watts power. Each series has a QHD aspect ratio of 16:10 panel with a Dolby Vision HDR, 165Hz refresh rate, and Nvidia G-Sync or AMD Free Sync Premium functionality.

The 2 notable design elements around the edges with a CNC metal trim and exciting RGB lighting encroaching the deck. The TrueStrike keyboard featuring a Numpad, curved keys & WASD keys with force sensors, which enable you to expedite a pre-loaded character, is illuminated by RGB lights that shine through the vents.

With a suggested $2,449 in May, the Legion 7i was the first launched. The Legion 7 will be introduced at a lower base cost of $2,059.

Create New Worlds

The Legion Slim 7 & 7i are the other half of Lenovo’s new offerings, and they have various features as the Legion 7, but in a slimmer chassis without much power. In addition, the Legion Slim 7 and 7i may be customized with the same high-end Intel and AMD CPUs, which is impressive.

The Slim 7i can handle up to the RTX 3070 graphics card with an overall graphical capacity of 100W, while the AMD-based model can accommodate around AMD’s Radeon RX 6800S designs. In addition, a 16-inch, 2660 x 1600-pixel, small-LED display with a refresh rate of 165Hz & 3ms reaction time in the Legion Slim 7i & Intel CPUs.

Other important features include using a 99.99Wh battery, albeit it only comes with a 71Wh option. Using the assistance of the color calibration app, you can get high-end DCI P3 color accuracy along with the Gold labeled recognition from TÜV Rheinland.

Gamers may discover new pixel-perfect worlds of dazzling color and shadow without much eye stress. Lenovo is doing the same thing with the slim series, releasing the Slim 7i in May for $1,589 & the Slim 7 in June for $1,519.

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