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GPD P2 Max 2022 – The Mini Laptop with Celeron N6000

The world’s smallest Ultrabook, GPD P2 Max 2022, has been announced by GPD. The new model is a novelty of the GPD P2 Max, released in 2019.

The earlier 2019 version of the GPD P2 Max had an 8.9-inch display. The GPD P2 Max was equipped with an Intel Core Amber Lake processor- m3-8100Y, NVMe 256GB storage, and 16GB RAM.

The novelty will be called GPD P2 Max 2022 and will be presented with an updated processor- Intel Celeron N6000 processor and 1TB NVMe 2280 SSD storage. Surprisingly, the new 2022 version will be available at a lower price.


GPD has posted a teaser on Twitter and YouTube outlining the most attractive specifications for the new 2022 mini-laptop. The few specifications displayed by GPD on their teaser revealed that the novelty would come equipped with an Intel Celeron N6000 processor, 1TB SSD, 8W TDP, BT 5.0, and Wi-Fi 6.

gpd p2 max 2022

While the teaser featured by GPD appears to show someone using a digital pen to write on the GPD P2 Max 2022 screen, it’s worth recalling that the brand used the identical image for the original 2019 model, which didn’t have an active digitizer to endorse pressure-sensitive pen input.

Rather, the brand noted that users could use a capacitive stylus, much like it’s possible with basically any phone, tablet, or laptop with a modern touch display that responds to finger touch.

GPD has been manufacturing handheld computers, mini laptops, and even gaming laptops for quite a time. Some models are even specific to gamers, like the GPD Win line-up that includes – GPD Win 2, Win 3, and Win Max.

Similarly, even laptops are particularly focused on IT work, such as GPD micro-PC or Pocket 3. The GPD P2 Max series distinguishes itself as a more general-purpose laptop with a very small display.

Even though some keys have indeed been relocated to unexpected positions to accommodate the compact case, the keyboard is spacious enough for touch typing. There’s a webcam, which is oddly positioned underneath the screen rather than above it.

Instead of a tiny pointing stick or optical touch sensor, there’s a touchpad beneath the keyboard. The P2 Max is not a pocket-sized laptop, although the 1st generation model is smaller than most laptops.

Its ultra-lightweight characteristic and compact size allow it to be portable while occupying much less bag space. GPD has revealed that the new mini laptop will have an 8.9-inch display with a 2560×1600 resolution. Additionally, the laptop will come with a QWERTY keyboard cased in an aluminium-magnesium body, while weighing only 650g.

Upgrades include new updated Wi-Fi and replacing the old Intel 5-watt Amber Lake processor with a 6-watt Intel Celeron N6000 Jasper Lake processor. While this implies that Intel is upgrading a “Core” series chip with an “Atom” series chip, the new processor is a modern chip made on a 10nm technology. Also, the laptop will be equipped with 16GB LPDDR4x2933 RAM, USB Type C, and Type-A ports with an additional Micro HDMI 2.0.

Benchmarks show that multi-core performance is comparable. However, the Celeron N6000 is a Jasper Lake processor built for low-power and low-cost laptops, tablets, and even mini-desktops. It’s also a 4-core, 4-thread processor, not a 2-core, 4-thread one.

GPD will likely make the mini laptop available at a much lower price, which will be welcome news at a period when mini-laptop and handheld costs have been soaring.

GPD has listed the new P2 Max 2022 on the brand’s AliExpress shop. It will be the first time the brand has launched a global product without initially running a crowdfunding campaign.

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