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Dell adds a new member to the XPS family: Introducing XPS 13 Plus

Dell’s XPS PCs consistently rank at the top of best laptop lists worldwide. They always have small footprints, incredible displays, and, most notably, they’re just fantastic in almost every way. Hence, Dell launched the XPS 13 Plus, which was essential to think about. After all, it is a new addition to the XPS family.

Dell appears to have taken a page from Cupertino’s playbook and upgraded its flagship 13-inch laptop with design features that are visually appealing but offer questionable functionality.

Innovative and elegant, yet approachable and productive – the new definition of premium is simplistic and purposive. The XPS 13 Plus, revamped from scratch with more effectiveness than its earlier versions, allows you to proceed with everything you wish more elegantly.

While beautiful designs and cutting-edge technological innovations are important, there is so much more underneath.

There isn’t any better companion than the XPS 13 Plus when designing and recreating your world, a happier future, or things that make you enjoy.

A Laptop of the Future

dell xps 13 plus

The Dell XPS 13 Plus is everything a modern laptop must contain. It seems to be the future rather than holding to the past relics, which other laptop manufacturers do.

Dell has eliminated unnecessary features and engineered the laptop to deliver a seamless experience in terms of performance, design, and packaging, further paired with simplified interiors. It is for sure a futuristic laptop.

The XPS 13 Plus is outfitted with Intel’s new 12th-Gen chips. However, Dell goes a step further by increasing the TDP from 15W to 28W, giving the processor significantly more performance headroom.

It has a black or white interior but without the look of carbon or glass fiber. These are two-toned colors – platinum and graphite, giving that monochrome look. Moreover, with Express Charge 2.0, you can charge your laptop up to 80% within an hour, enabling quick charging on the go!

The laptop is equipped with larger keycaps – zero lattice, with a cleaner and simplified look. The sleek design of the keyboard and palm rest exudes a more iconic appearance. The glass touchpad is now a haptic one for a different seamless experience.

The pioneering Infinity Edge display is also notable, designed to let users enjoy a borderless viewing experience. It will be available worldwide from Spring 2022, equipped with Windows 11 or Ubuntu 20.04.

Collaborative and Visual Experience

Dell has recently launched an UltraSharp Video Conferencing Monitor, an intelligent display with a smart 4K webcam installed in houses.

While it is frequent for a webcam to be built into the display of a notebook computer, it is less popular for desktop computers. Dell’s latest display launch at CES 2022 aims to increase the slim multitude by one more option.

The Dell UltraSharp 32 is a 4K Conference Monitor. As the title implies, a monitor is designed for video conferencing. A big circular bump on top of the screen houses UltraSharp Webcam.

That camera has a 4K resolution and an HDR Sony Starvis CMOS sensor, so it should provide an elevated video experience. Smart attributes have automatic light adjustments, AI auto framing, enhanced clarity, and enhanced security are included.

It also has an in-built dual-array mic paired with noise & echo cancellation and 14W speakers to help video conferencing. The monitor will be available worldwide from March 29.

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