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Klipsch upgraded its Reference & Reference Premiere Series Speakers

Klipsch has unveiled new Reference and Reference Premiere loudspeaker models. The Reference in its seventh iteration and the Reference Premiere in its third generation got upgraded by the company.

Klipsch has also paid close attention to how its speakers are connected. The back of the cabinets now has new binding posts, including aluminum (Reference Premiere) & metallic-coated (Reference Series).

Klipsch Reference Premiere Series

klipsch reference premiere series speakers

The Klipsch Reference Premiere line is the pinnacle of modern sophistication, with new premium components and striking design features. Ebony and walnut are two furniture-grade wood veneers offered for the speakers.

The innovative Tractrix horn technology in the new series improves high-frequency response and extension while also improving imaging and agility. With increased cabinet bracing, aluminum binding posts, cast aluminum feet, and distinct Dolby Atmos connections, the cabinet exudes elegance and allows for easy and nuanced elevation speaker installation.

Klipsch’s signature copper trim rings highlight the tweeter and woofer, which may also be hidden behind durable yet adjustable magnetic grilles.

The RP-8000F II ($899), RP-6000F II ($749) & RP-5000F II ($599) are all tower variants that may be paired using an RP-500SA II ($699) Dolby Atmos series if desired & employ the similar wiring architecture as the Reference model.

Finally, the RP-600M II ($749) & RP-500M II ($599) are two bookshelf versions in the series & 3-way mode speaker variants in the RP-504C II ($799), RP-404C II ($599) & RP-500C II ($499).

Klipsch Reference Series

The new Klipsch Reference line includes ten models, including Dolby Atmos capable speakers, with the latest technological audio breakthroughs and cosmetic and material modifications.

klipsch reference series speakers

The new Klipsch Reference speaker family, now in its seventh iteration, delivers even better sound quality, accuracy, clarity, and effortless power. Massive Tractrix wings for the tweeters enhanced inbuilt covering inside the cabinets & an unique wiring method for installing Dolby Atmos top-end series to distinguish them from prior models.

The revised Reference series, aimed at both hi-fi lovers and multi-channel home theatre applications, is the more economical end of the U.S. speaker specialist’s spectrum of passive speaker styles.

This edition has three floor-standing tower speakers, but the cabinet bracing has been improved to eliminate internal distortions and restrict sound coloring. A massive tractrix six inches system has been added to the front baffle, allowing the retrieved tweeter to improve audio output & a large audience response at immense frequencies.

The new 10-strong series sees the current incarnation mature into its seventh generation and is available in black (Ebony), with prices ranging from $279 to $899.

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