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Klipsch Jubilee joins the Heritage Floorstanding Speaker Line-up

Klipsch is back with fresh news announcing its new flagship for its renowned Heritage Speaker Line. The new Klipsch Jubilee steals the spotlight from the Klipschorn and becomes the brand’s most powerful speaker.

The Klipsch Jubilee is the last undertaking that founder Paul W. Klipsch (PWK) labored on. His dream project was to engineer a fully horn-loaded speaker capable of pleasing the most zealous audiophiles.

Making his dream a reality, Klipsch Jubilee becomes the first in the brand’s 75-year history to overshadow the Klipschorn, the legendary series, and picks a spot at the top of the Klipsch Heritage range.

Though it was initially planned to come out as the successor of the legendary Klipschorn, it was soon overturned as PWK recognized that the project was beyond a simple upgrade. And thanks to 21st-century advancements and polished technologies, the brand has successfully launched PWK’s dream project, introducing the Klipsch Jubilee.

High-performance and Efficiency

The Klipsch Jubilee is a two-way loudspeaker with a fully loaded horn to provide the optimum audio experience. Each Jubilee speaker is massive, standing about 5 feet, 8 inches tall, over 4 feet wide, and 2.5 feet deep.

klipsch jubilee

The Klipsch Jubilee uses a patented horn-loaded vented low-frequency cabinet and an all-new compression driver to generate such rich audio with the latest acoustic improvements. Dual 12-inch woofers are housed in a low-frequency enclosure with three 4-inch ports inside the central cabinet.

The Klipsch Jubilee’s innovative low-frequency enclosure is meant to deliver a spectacular presence by combining the benefits of both horn-loaded and vented systems. The high-frequency output is delivered through a 7-inch axiperiodic titanium diaphragm above the cabinet.

This wide bandwidth construction minimizes the crossover point below the vital voice range for smooth clarity and precision. The axiperiodic design provides a smooth response for seamless performances while increasing output and minimizing distortion.

When these two components are combined, the Jubilee weighs 408 pounds and delivers a peak output power of 1,600 watts. Greater acoustic power is generated with far less effort when efficiency is higher. As a result, you get the purest, most dynamic sound possible over the full musical spectrum.

Aesthetic and long-lasting

For the Heritage line, Klipsch solely utilizes book-matched wood veneers. As the veneer leaves are meticulously sliced from the timber and precisely positioned to give a mirror image at the splicing seam — similar to turning the pages of a book — they are preserved in order. Wood veneer panels from the same tree are used to grain-match each pair of Heritage series loudspeakers.

It offers each speaker a more aesthetically pleasing and consistent appearance than any other type of wood veneer. Each finished product is examined and tagged with consecutive serial numbers, guaranteeing that your Heritage series speakers leave the manufacturer as a carefully engineered set.

The Jubilee, according to Klipsch, is one of the most powerful loudspeakers on the planet because each component is individually tuned to function in its pass-band. It further features an active speaker with a built-in DSP crossover network and EQ.

This method is believed to address phase cancellation by allowing—no, requiring—the employment of several amplifiers for power. The Klipsch Jubilee active crossover is beautifully built for shelf or rack mount applications and includes adjustable low and high-frequency trim settings to offer the ultimate listening experience according to your room and personal taste.

It is a speaker that will be passed down through the generations. The Klipsch Jubilee speakers are available for $35,000 per pair and come with a 10-year warranty.

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