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Klipsch celebrates 75 years by launching new Klipschorn Speakers

Expanding the grand celebration of the 75th anniversary, Klipsch released their legendary Klipschorn speakers, a limited run of 75 pairs. Being a leading tech-driven audio brand, Klipsch proudly introduces the iconic Klipschorn loudspeakers, adding grandeur to their anniversary of 75 years.

No speaker has ever enjoyed the long run of so many years of production, unlike Klipschorn, considered the King of speakers. Which was started in 1946, has reached the 75th year of production, still running with pride.

The special edition of Klipschorn AK6 features A 1″ titanium tweeter and 90° x 40° Tractrix horn, fully enclosed within a low-frequency cabinet. The edition adds a commemorative box filled with Klipsch commemorative items, commemorating their 75 years of a long run.

The ultra-efficient speaker, Klipschorn, was pioneered in 1946 by its founder Paul. For the first time W. Klipsch, brought the power of rich and detailed audio, delivering the remarkable listening experience of an emotional live performance at home.

Since then, it has only seen fame with undisrupted production and has remained unchanged since its inception.

Features of the limited edition of Klipschorn speakers

klipsch klipschorn pair no-grille

The standard Klipsch Heritage Klipschorn AK6 speakers are specially crafted to produce an extended bass response. The brand specifies the audio response at 33Hz to 20kHz, with a sensitivity rated at 105dB, 2.83 V, and 1m.

Moreover, the speakers can handle a continuous sound of 400 W peak with a 121dB output. The 75th-anniversary design is a tweaked model of the standard speaker.

The limited and anniversary special edition of Klipschorn AK6 brings a fully enclosed horn cabinet with low frequency, built to provide more versatility for placement in the listening room.

The enclosure comes with the special purpose of being a corner, exuding rich and powerful bass performance with enhanced imaging. A 1″ titanium tweeter and 90° x 40° Tractrix horn is provided to extend the high-frequency audio output beyond 20kHz.

The special 75th-anniversary edition Klipschorn speakers are available in real wood teak veneer and lambswool grilles, built exclusively to radiate the elegance and longevity of the limited Klipschorn edition.

Additionally, the speakers are designed to pay homage to the midcentury modern design tenets, securing a place in the Klipsch Heritage series.

The speaker’s front is carved with the nostalgic 75th logo, with natural diamond, which accentuates the exclusive design, made of sterling silver with rhodium plating. The 75th edition is certified through a laser engraved plaque, displaying the designer’s serial number, date, and signature.

Each pair of the limited-edition speaker is produced with signature engravings commemorating the long production run; a record-size box containing a 75th-anniversary book, a poster, a lighted logo, and a pair of earphones – Klipsch T5 II with the 75th logo engraved.

The pack also introduces a set of four leather coasters, a certificate of authenticity, and free one-year membership of Klipsch Museum of Audio History. The speakers are created, handcrafted, and developed in the USA, further grain-matched with the wood veneer panels extracted from the same timber, giving the pair of speakers an indistinguishable look. The user gets a 10-year warranty with the special 75th edition Klipschorn speakers.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, the commemorative speakers are ideal for proudly celebrating the 75th anniversary. The brand confirmed that the 75 pairs’ limited run of the iconic and legendary Klipschorn loudspeakers are available exclusively at Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealers. Price starts from $25,000/pair.

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