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July Update for SMASH LEGENDS Now Out With a New Character Maya

SMASH LEGENDS is a fun PvP game from 5minlab and it is adored by players worldwide. The game constantly brings new characters and stuff with its regular updates. All the SMASH LEGENDS fans can truly rejoice as 5minlab is pushing out the July update for the game.

The July update brings a new character called Maya and 5minlab is branding this character as “The Small but Strong Thumbelina”. Along with the new character, the July update also starts the Summer Festival Event.

Talking about the new character Maya, she is the 28th Legend in SMASH LEGENDS and brings new skills and elements to the game. Here are all of the new highlights from the July update from SMASH LEGENDS.

The 28th Legend: Maya

The new character Maya is now the 28th Legend in the game and she is “The Small but Strong Thumbelina”. The roster of smash legends is now quite extensive and Maya is definitely a great edition.

Maya is quite powerful as she is a Vanguard Legend. The best thing is that Maya has a monstrous robot with her and the robot is an enemy’s worst nightmare. You can choose Maya and charge your enemies with the giant robot and they will stand no chance against you for sure.

Just because she has a giant robot does not mean that she is slow. Maya is very agile and has good mobility. She has all the qualities of a warrior as she can charge forward and carry the battle.

If you play the game regularly and want to get Maya on your roster then you will have to purchase Smash Pass and reach stage 10 in the game.

The Summer Festival Event

Let’s admit it! This is probably the first proper summer we are having since the COVID-19 pandemic and it is definitely an occasion to celebrate. For this SMASH LEGENDS is kicking off its SUMMER LEGENDS’ 2022 Summer Festival. The fun summer event is now live and will go on till August 8. 5minlab has added a summer beach theme to the in-game lobby.

The background sound is also changed to beach sounds and vibes. Developers have also added elements like water balloons, tropical juice, and ice cream and you will be able to find them on the map. These elements bring out the true summer vibes. Users can also get summer-themed skins during this whole event and just by getting the skins you will be able to see the in-game effects change.

Duo Touchdown Mode

The Duo Touchdown mode which used to be a part of the Arena lab is now also an official model with the July update. This is a fun 2-versus-2 mode and the way to win in this mode is to take the escorted target to the destination first. So if you want to have a little more action in the game, now you can do it with the official Duo Touchdown mode. On top of that, there are a lot of balancing changes to the Legends in the game.

SMASH LEGENDS is one of the best PvP action games and if you like quick matches where the playtime limits are short, this is a game that will definitely excite you. According to Krafton, which is the owner of 5minlab, the game now has 5.5 million downloads. The characters in the game are called Legends and with the July update, there are 28 characters in the game. The characters are mostly based on all the popular fairy tales.

Then there are 5 different modes in the game now including Battle Royale, Duo Touchdown, Dominion, Duel, and Competitive Match. It is available for mobile platforms and users can also play it on PC via Steam so there is not going to be an issue. If you are interested, make sure to go and try this game.

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