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JBL Unveils New JBL Reflect Aero TWS Earbuds

When it comes to making audio products, JBL is easily one of the top brands in the game. They make a wide range of audio products from gaming headphones to portable speakers. Just recently, they have expanded their true wireless(TWS) queue by adding new TWS earbuds. The new true wireless earbuds are called JBL Reflect Aero. These earbuds are for everyday use so that people can wear them while they are out or even when they are working out in the gym. Overall, the earbuds are quite versatile, and let’s have a look at them.

Design and Looks

In terms of looks, the new JBL Reflect Aero TWS earbuds look like pretty standard TWS earbuds and follow the very conventional design. But the color options are really gorgeous namely Black, Blue, and White.

jbl reflect aero

They have kind of a matte finish to them so the earbuds look very classy and even the cover looks stunning with a matching color strap and the iconic JBL branding. For a comfortable and secure fit, these earbuds come with POWERFIN ear tip design. So it doesn’t matter if you are in the gym or running, these earbuds will be more than comfortable and secure.

In terms of looks and colors, these earbuds are quite good and for most users, they are more than good enough.

Iconic JBL Sound

Since these earbuds are from JBL, they get the iconic JBL Signature Sound which significantly enhances that listening experience for the users.

Although made for everyday normal use, these earbuds are designed for people who like to listen to music when they are active. Like people going to the gym, going for a run, or just taking a stroll in the neighborhood.

The earbuds come with a 6.8mm dynamic driver and if we compare it to some of the other options in the market then it might not look that appealing. But JBL is known to deliver better sound even with smaller drivers.

The new JBL Reflect Aero have an IP68 rating which makes them dustproof and waterproof. So if you are running with them on a rainy day or stormy day, it should be no issue for these earbuds.

Two of the best features of these TWS earbuds are the True Adaptive Noise Cancelling and Smart Ambient technology. The noise-canceling feature comes in handy when you don’t want any disturbances while the Smart Ambient tech helps you to be aware and alert.

Easy to Use

The new JBL Reflect Aero TWS earbuds offer seamless pairing and you can use them to take calls, listen to music, watch videos online, and whatnot.

There is a feature called Dual Connect that allows you to use them either as a single earbud or combine them both.

On top of that, JBL says that these earbuds can last an entire day which is kind of a rough number because everyone’s definition of a day is different.

But if we talk about numbers then it is 8 hours of playback on the earbuds and then the charging case gives you another 16 hours.

Users can utilize the JBL Headphones App for all sorts of customizations with the ANC and even personalize them for their workout routine. The earbuds are also compatible with Alexa, and Google Assistant so you will not even require your hands for a lot of operations.

Committed to sustainability, JBL has made sure that these earbuds use 54% less plastic than the previous TWS earbuds. They also supply these in eco-friendly packaging.

Pricing and Availability

For those who are interested, the new JBL Reflect Aero TWS earbuds are now available in the market in three colors: Black, White, and Blue. You can buy these earbuds from the official JBL online store and the price for the in EUR 149.00. There is also a new mint color which will be coming in August.

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