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JBL Launches New Freak Edition Headphones in Collaboration With Antetokounmpo

Two-time MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo has teamed up with JBL to launch the limited edition of the all-new headphone line of JBL. The reigning basketball champion now has a new achievement to add to his already impressive resume, a ‘headphone designer.’

Greece meets music

The basketball giant already has the titles of Final MVP and GQ Man of the year and recently collaborated with JBL, the renowned iconic audio brand. Antetokounmpo has designed two pairs of headphones, inspired by his cultural heritage, combining his passion for incredible sound with his Greek ethnicity.

Antetokounmpo reveals that his relationship with the audio giant is a part of his life journey and further acknowledges that the partnership had brought him the opportunity to embrace his ethnicity and represent such through a unique design.

jbl tourone freak edition

The basketball bigshot is extremely proud to have come up with an exclusive architecture that describes him and adds that the collaboration has provided him the opportunity to guide others on this journey with him.

The collaboration between JBL and Giannis is the first, coming up with the Freak Edition headphones. The limited-edition headphones face the globally acclaimed JBL Tour One & Endurance Peak-II.

The tour will showcase the headphones, packed with the basketball giant’s signature, along with a map of Europe, represented in a mesmerizing blue and green distorted dye impression, with Greece standing out.

Antetokounmpo’s partnership with JBL is closing in more than three years now, and he has always been a key ambassador of the globally acclaimed iconic audio brand. HARMAN’s Chief Marketing Officer has revealed that Antetokounmpo initiated to take the partnership to a whole new level, developing the design on his own, keeping in mind his origin.

jbl endurance peak 2 freak edition

He added that Antetokounmpo had been interested in playing a part of the team in designing and launching the new headphone line of JBL, the Freak Edition. He concluded that Giannis is one of the partners whom everyone desires.

For the announcement, JBL has released a nationwide “Greek Out” campaign, besides a range of social media posts, digital activations, and even billboards. Moreover, a life-size figurine of Antetokounmpo will make appearances at different locations throughout Milwaukee.

Fans will even get to interact with the legend’s statue and share their pictures on social media with the hashtag #JBLGreekOut for an opportunity to secure prizes such as the exclusive Freak Edition headphones, signed merch, Milwaukee Bucks match tickets, and much more.

Fans who cannot travel to Milwaukee will be able to interact with the figurine via mobile phones, and a tailored JBL AR experience wherein individuals are expected to put Antetokounmpo’s likeness next to them – no matter where they are. Also, Antetokounmpo collaborated with JBL to create the Greek Out Tik Tok dance and empower everyone to move like himself.

Consumers can purchase the drop on StockX on December 20 at 1 p.m. ET. This online exclusive, launched through DropX, the platform’s groundbreaking direct-to-consumer product release approach, is the last chance for enthusiasts to buy the limited-run headphones.

Customers must plan to shop early to secure one of these hyper-exclusive, can’t-miss collaborations, as the DropX demand-pricing model ensures that the most committed and energetic fans will receive the best price. The limited editions of the Freak Edition start at $300 for the JBL Tour, while the JBL Endurance Peak will be available at just $125.

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