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JBL Launches Limited Edition of LIVE Pro+ Earbuds

Following the latest fashion trends, the extraordinary design team of JBL has successfully elevated the popular LIVE PRO+ earbuds to a fashion accessory. JBL marks the latest production of the limited-edition earbuds as a must-have for trendsetters and exclusive to those who love music.

JBL has always been the frontier in utilizing cutting-edge technologies for sound, exuding an incredible style. In addition, JBL deliberately catches attention with mirror finish metallics, perfect for catching the light.

The matte finish metallics are introduced to exude balance and subtlety – the Live PRO+ limited edition earbuds present new metallic textures, conveying a premium quality.

Delivering elegance with pride

JBL is renowned for epitomizing incredible sound, shaping the finest and epic life moments.

Be it a concert at Madison Square Garden or a Yankees game, or a private road trip, the awesome products of JBL heighten the listening experience, delivering rich and immersive audio, letting users make the most of every moment.

The brand has been in production for 75 years, delivering unmatched professional credentials by implementing cutting-edge innovations. The brand is popular to blend a bold future vision with JBL engineers and designers’ outstanding expertise globally.

The Signature Professional Sound of JBL brings frontier technology, empowering major concerts and pop culture events, and has partnered with the greatest talents across all segments, including music, sport, or e-sports.

JBL has presented some of the most incredible speakers, headphones, and earphones. This time, JBL brings the limited edition of its Live PRO+ earbuds, exclusively aimed at bass heads and audiophiles.

Design and Build

The earbuds are presented with a stunning metallic finish, such that the design offers aesthetic visuals, which are a perfect accessory for a complete look. For anyone looking for a fashion accessory to add elegance to their look, down to the finest details, JBL limited edition Live PRO+ can be the perfect companion.

It also has three serene colorways, and the earbuds successfully draw on the new trend this winter with Blue, Chrome, and Rose Gold colors. The earbuds are tiny with a premium quality build, bringing high comfort to users with highly responsive touch controls.

With the chic design, the limited edition delivers amazing performance with immersive sound quality. In addition, the limited edition of JBL Live PRO+ features the best bits of the original Live PRO+ earbuds, exuding Adaptive Noise Cancelling technology, blended with the legendary sound of the brand.

JBL Live PRO+ produces a decent sound output with noteworthy bass with its dynamic sound drivers. The bass and vocals sound smooth and sweet regardless of the sound volume.

The Active Noise Cancellation is pretty effective, offering an exceptional listening experience with style. However, the limited edition only sweetens the deal, presenting incredible architecture and providing excellent performance.

Moreover, the limited edition preserves the amazing battery life of JBL Live PRO+, enhancing it up to 28 hours playback, all packed in a stylish design. The silicone ear tips complete the look without compromising comfort, adding pride to your steps. The limited edition of the Live PRO+ earbuds by JBL are available for €179 at eu.jbl.com.

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