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iRobot launches Create 3 educational robot based on a more modern Roomba platform

iRobot Corp., a consumer robot company, celebrated National Robotics Week by introducing Create 3, a new educational robot aimed at educators and robotics students. The business, best known for its Roomba robot vacuums with the latest release, broadened its educational product portfolio.

According to the company, their new items are the company’s “highly reliable developer arena in recent times.” The robot is based on the Roomba i3 series and was created to assist people in learning more about robotics.

According to the latest press report, iRobot announced a Python-based website area for the Root & Create 3 robots, allowing novice robotics enthusiasts to surpass the iRobot Coding Application features with sophisticated coding intelligence.

The week of “National Robotics” commences on 2nd April & ends on 10th April. It’s the right spot to engage students in robotics & STEM-oriented areas for sharing the joy of robotics. It amazes people of different age groups through various in-person & virtual events that get funded by the brand.

Promoting higher-level exploration in robotics

irobot create 3 educational robot

The company’s biggest and most powerful development platform yet, the Create 3 educational robot, is designed to present educators and professional creators with a reliable, out-of-the-box replacement for costly and time-consuming robotics kits that demand assembly and testing.

One of the notable benefits of using a Roomba i3 as the Create 3’s launching point is that it takes full advantage of all of iRobot’s hardware know-how accumulated over what seems like hundreds of years of manufacturing Roombas.

The Create 3 is not just driven by a more advanced Roomba platform, rather is also compatible with ROS 2, surprisingly complex software that a remarkable number of robots are already using to accomplish amazing things.

If a company like iRobot’s vote of confidence in ROS 2 amazes you, a Create 3 might be the next robot you need. ROS 2 allows students to focus more on their main application than the platform itself.

It allows them to speed up the development of their project by allowing many various components such as actuators, sensors, and control systems to connect. It arrives with Wi-Fi, Ethernet with USB hosting & Bluetooth.

Create 3 also incorporates an inertial measuring unit (IMU), wheel encoders, optical floor tracking sensor, infrared sensors, sophisticated technology for autonomous localization, navigation, and telepresence functionalities. The robot also has a cliff, bump, slip sensors, LED lights & a speaker.

Expand coding skills with Python support

There’s even more to explore! Create 3 is now available for USD299 and comes with Python and Ignition Gazebo support. Python, a widely used coding language, allows users to increase the complexity of their projects.

The iRobot Education Python Web Playground, accessed at python.irobot.com, enables learners to program the Root and Create 3 devices using a shared library developed in Python, a popular coding language in STEM fields.

According to the brand, the robot is designed to foster higher-level exploration for those looking to enhance their education or career in robotics, rather than just cleaning people’s houses. Ignition Gazebo also has a 3D simulation of Create 3 for improved access to robotics teaching and research.

You can anticipate the Create 3 to take practically anything you can pick from. More significantly, you can throw any scenario in a classroom setting.

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