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Huion Inspiroy Giano G930L: Largest Wireless Pen Tablet

During editing & retouching, the expert photographers & creators can employ graphics tablets to work more precisely; the tablet pen is undoubtedly a highly reliable photo editing & retouching tool for illustrators, photographers, editors & graphic artists. Its capacity to be used as an accurate tool for making particular modifications, similar to how we depict with pen and paper, is priceless.

Pen tablets are available in various sizes to fit the needs of different users. Over the years, it has been redefined into tabs with inbuilt displays, including the Huion Kamvas Pro 16 & as single tabs with comprehensive monitoring in the earlier decades.

However, improved technology does not always imply a better option, as human preferences and experience remain the most significant aspects of creative tools. And to move forward with technology and make people’s lives easier, Huion, a global leader in digital drawing devices, has released the Inspiroy Giano, an innovative Bluetooth pen tablet.

Huion Giano is a new tablet series and Giano G930L is currently the brand’s largest pen tablet. It includes both common and uncommon capabilities that might help you improve your creative editing and retouching workflows.

High Quality & Stylish

The Inspiroy Giano is a new big pen tablet aimed at professionals. With a working size of 13.6 by 8.5 inches, the tablet works better with large-screen monitors and allows artists to paint more freely.

huion inspiroy giano

Inspiroy Giano is specially developed to accommodate big-size monitors and allows you to manipulate your cursor precisely and draw more delicate features and lines because of its vast working surface. It has a small Smart LCD panel on which you may check the gadget’s status at any moment.

Artists can enjoy a pen-on-paper sketching experience when painting with the digital pen PW517 since the panel has been specifically treated to provide a paper-like texture. When it comes to producing new products, Huion prioritizes user desire. Pressure sensitivity, tilt sensitivity, and Bluetooth wireless capability have all been improved in this new model.

The PenTech 3.0 has a lower-position pen nib for enhanced stability and a more authentic sketching experience. It also has a 60-degree tilt function and 8192 pressure sensitivity levels. Furthermore, the five felt nibs in the package give more stable pen strokes and greater frictions, making your PW517 feel more like a genuine pen.

With a report rate of over 300PPS, it is easy to put what you picture in your thoughts into diverse forms and lines when drawing. Six custom buttons on the left side can be configured and given to certain purposes and shortcuts.

A 1.0 * 0.6-inch LCD sits atop the buttons, displaying the connectivity update, battery levels & the Huion banner logo. Bluetooth 5.0 technology is built into the Huion Giano. It offers faster, longer range, and more consistent data transmission than previous versions.

Bluetooth 5.0 ensures a simple connection between Inspiroy Giano and a computer, a Mac laptop, or an Android device. Still, it also eliminates the need for messy cords and maintains a clean tabletop. Setup is straightforward with the Huion tablet software, and you may modify the buttons to your taste and rotate it by 90°, 180°, and 270°.

The sleek Inspiroy Giano is only 9mm thick and comes with an environmentally friendly aluminum-alloy back case. Four anti-slip pads keep the tablet firmly on the table, allowing you to sketch freely. It also includes a 2500mAh battery with impressive 18-hour battery life.

Connecting your tablet to a power charger or a PC takes 4.5 hours to obtain a full charge. Inspiroy Giano won the Red Dot Award: Product Design – 2022, with such exceptional features, available officially at USD 199.99.

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