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Huawei unveils the Super Device for its Users to Connect Gadgets Seamlessly

Huawei is determined to achieve seamless integration among its device arrays – laptops, tablets & smartphones for a while. The recently unveiled Super Device software package is the next step in that direction.

The term “Super Device” means the connectivity of devices in health, travel, smart office & home.

On Sunday, Huawei made the statement as part of a bigger goal to develop smart workspaces and new experiences for consumers globally. Huawei showcased its first-ever all-in-one PC, E-Ink tablet, first-ever printer, and flagship laptop at the HUAWEI Spring 2022 Smart Office Launch, among other fantastic items.

While all of these items are excellent in and of themselves, Huawei’s software paves the door for a more connected future. Huawei refers to this as a “Super Device” for a more advanced smart office experience. Smart Office seeks to propel productivity by offering cross-device combinations, as the name suggests.

The function combines each gadget into a “standalone experience.” The best aspect is that it makes no difference whether the devices run Windows or Huawei’s HarmonyOS.

The new Huawei Super Device is a software technology that links Huawei goods to provide a smooth productivity experience. Huawei considers your PC/Laptop the hub of the Super Device universe and therefore includes an application of the Huawei Control Panel. It is where you can integrate other Huawei devices into your PC.

Super Device, Super Creativity

huawei matestation x
huawei matebook e

The Huawei Super Device is about more than just connecting gadgets. It’s about putting them together to create exposure to the smart office – one that encourages quick engagement, fluid collaboration, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a workstation similar to corporate workstations.

huawei matebook x pro

The Super Device feature will be especially useful for people who work from home and have many Huawei devices. Ecosystem connectivity is not a new concept. Huawei’s Super Device, on the other hand, goes a step further with two-way communication.

In other words, Huawei’s vision encourages more flexibility. When you connect your laptop with the tablet, you can utilize it as a second display instead of merely a storage device to view files.

But wait, there’s more! If necessary, you can also use your tablet to access the data on your laptop. Super Device can provide users with much control over Huawei devices while also sharing functions.

Although Apple’s ecosystem is well-known, Huawei’s unified strategy may prove more successful in the long term. Huawei also announced the Huawei Mobile App Engine, enabling PC users to access AppGallery’s diverse content for unique experiences, expanding the PC app ecosystem.

The Huawei MateBook X Pro, MateStation X, MateBook E, MatePad Paper, and MatePad all feature the Super Device function, as do the newly released Huawei MateBook X Pro MateStation X, MateBook E, MateBook E, MatePad Paper, and MatePad. Older model users can also use Super Device capabilities by updating their Huawei PC Manager to the latest version.

Huawei has stated that their Mobile App Engine Beta Program will be available soon and can be accessed by updating PC Manager to the most recent version. Huawei has put itself in a difficult position, but it may be a game-changer if it can deliver on all of the potentials that this system encapsulates. Only time will tell if this is true.

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