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HP Launches New Envy Inspire Printer

HP had brought together its new and versatile Printer, ENVY Inspire. It is the best inline printer the company has ever developed. In addition, the smart printer is enabled with HP+, the most advanced printing system, presented with 6 months of guaranteed Instant Ink, together with a 1-year extra warranty.

The first of its kind, the printer is equipped with HP photo printing abilities, with personalized double-sided printing, offering attractive templates to turn photos into cards or keepsakes and others and built from recycled products. The brand exudes sustainability through its new printer.

HP Inc. is a global brand, with over 86% of people using their printing service every day. The new ENVY Inspire is exclusively designed to suit the evolving needs of the users, allowing them to create more memories from home.

The system is loaded with the best products; the printer comes with the latest HP+ printing technology and the best inline HP smart apps, delivering powerful Instant Ink, presenting the most versatile printer in the market.

Beyond helping in working and learning, the new ENVY Inspire can aid families in preserving and celebrating the most crucial moments and with their best-in-class HP photo printing abilities, such as the both-sided printing, adding watermark mentioning date and location, true to phone quality, coming in modern sizes, like that of a panorama.

Users also get to choose from several interactive templates added in the HP smart app, allowing them to make postcards, greetings cards, keepsakes from photos, and much more. The smart printer is perfect for families wishing to travel more next year to make up for the lost time.

The smartest printing system ever

Enabled with HP+, ENVY Inspire exhibits the characteristics of a smart printing system, allowing printing from anywhere anytime. The printer offers secure accessibility, sharing and storing files, and printing them from anywhere when required, all with the HP Smart app compatible device.

With the Smart Ink feature, the printer prevents running out of ink, allowing users to save up to 50% on ink, with an additional 6 months Instant Ink delivery coming with a 1-year extra warranty, with the use of original HP Ink.

Users can further enjoy the smart app features and exploit the HP+ feature, enabling advanced scanning, generating multiple receipts, and storing editable documents.

By promoting sustainability, the printer is built from recycled products. The brand protects and restores an equal measure of the forest with every page printed from the printer with HP+.

New Hybrid Features

The smart printer complements the hybrid lifestyle of the families. Designed exclusively with the “quiet mode” for users who love to work, learn, and create more, with the convenience of home.

The printer is the first in its brethren to be certified as the one that is compatible with Chromebook, aiding families to print everything they require. In addition, the new Smart Driver includes the printer with the automatic rerouting of print jobs regardless of Wi-Fi connectivity or VPN connectivity.

With a smart contextual UI, the printer effectively brings productivity on the go. In addition, the latest smart printing system of HP, the signature design of the ENVY Inspire, exudes thoughtfulness and sustainability that are perfect for homes within families.

It is available in neutral color options and developed over 45% recycled plastic. The first smart and advanced HP ENVY Inspire may launch with the 7900e series in the US. Further models can arrive in the market in 2022.

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