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Sennheiser unveils new wireless headphones RS 5200

Sennheiser has unveiled its new wireless pair of headphones RS 5200, rendering the TV experience more exceptional and enjoyable for users.

The audio specialist emphasized simplicity and provided more personalized sound options, delivering a user-friendly wireless service.

With its unusual chin guard and lightweight design, Sennheiser has focused on reducing pressure from users’ ears and enhancing their wearing comfort.

Their latest device offers users complete control over the unique experience, all credit to their user-friendly sound controls.

Enhanced comfort with the new headphone package

sennheiser rs 5200

The new RS 5200 allows users simplicity and features an ergonomic design, a cross between headphones, and a stethoscope to increase user comfort.

The wireless headphone has the feature to connect with televisions by plugging the docking station into the display’s audio port.

The docking station behaves as a receiver, rendering hassle-free Bluetooth pairing, allowing users to listen to TV audio from even 70 m away.

The headphone comes with three hearing profiles that further clear the audio from different frequency ranges, offering independent volume control options to balance sound and a speech clarity function to reduce background noise, making TV dialogues sound crystal clear.

Sennheiser’s latest RS 5000 series has brought an advanced and unique TV sound experience to the users.

The new RS 5200 delivers superior audio quality, diaphanous dialogues, wireless connectivity presented most elegantly alongside simplicity and comfort for a longer viewing session. The users can experience the independent customized features to suit their hearing dynamics.

Advanced features offered by the new RS5200

Thanks to the unclouded digital wireless transmission, the RS 5200 is not disrupted by cable connections. Users can move around in their comfort while listening to the TV. They can enjoy an unparalleled sound up to 70m apart from the transmitter.

Easy and simplicity are synonymous with the new RS 5200 headphones. The battery lasts for 12 even hours, offering an uninterrupted view before it requires separate charging. The system notifies users beforehand of the low battery and switches off automatically, saving power when not in use.

The convenient and functional design of the new wireless headphone pair offers four distinct ear tip adapters based on styles and sizes, including silicone-based adapters available in sizes L and S.

It also has enhanced noise cancellation features that can nullify external sounds. The built-in battery has a capacity of astounding 12 hours of playback function.

The memory foam adapter fits the ear and cuts off background noise. Users also have the liberty to use open foam ear tips, letting in more ambient sound. The unusual chin guard design grants ease of wear and minimize pressure over their ears, especially for glasses.

However, the only shortcoming we can witness is that the new headphone series of Sennheiser doesn’t allow various headphones pairing to the same dock. It suggests the users go for multiple ports or want something like the RS 175 RF series.

Sennheiser is commonly known for its superb audio quality, and the new launch serves many exciting features for users. If you are ready to get one for you, the wireless headphone is available for £229.99 or $312 or at 249.90 EUR. If you like to enjoy longer TV sessions, then the new Sennheiser RS 5200 can be the best option for you.

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