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Jabra Perform 45: New Wireless Headsets for Frontline Workers by Jabra

There is some excellent news coming from the audio world, and this time it is from Jabra. The renowned audio brand from Denmark has announced a new wireless headset: the Jabra Perform 45.

They are already quite well-known in the industry for making some of the best headsets in the game. In fact, Jabra headsets are a go-to choice for many big IT companies and other businesses.

Interestingly, the new Jabra Perform headset is also the first headset/product in their Perform series. With these headsets, they are targeting the frontline workers as these headsets can seamlessly pass on information to them while they are working. So let’s learn what these new wireless headset offer for frontline workers.

Jabra Perform 45 Headset: Wireless Comfort for Frontliners

Jabra Perform 45

Comfortable and Lightweight Design

With any headset, comfort is one of the most important factors since the user has to wear them for long periods of time each day. So Jabra has made this new headset relatively light and comfortable. Unlike a typical over-the-head headset, this one can fit on one side of your ear, and the boom mic extends to your cheeks.

The headset’s weight is mere 18 grams, and you can wear it on either side. So in terms of weight, it is pretty light and won’t cause any issues if used for an extended period of time.

There are three sizes of EarGel shipped with this headset so that every worker can find their ideal fit without any issues. Another great thing is that Jabra now has excellent experience in making professional headsets, and the new Jabra Perform 45 is no exception. When you look at them, they look very professional.

Naturally, the person wearing them will also look professional. So in terms of design and comfort, this is an excellent headset for any professional who attends to many clients daily.

Great Performance

The second important factor for any headset is its audio performance. When we talk about frontline workers in general, one of the major issues faced by them is background noise. Be it customers shouting in the background for some items or some construction machines working nearby; noise is a big issue for them.

The Jabra Perform 45 aims to resolve that issue by reducing up to 80% of the background noise. It achieves this through its advanced ultra-noise-cancelling microphone. So users can listen to their coworkers clearly, and the scope for errors due to miscommunication can be reduced.

On the other hand, even the speakers on this headset have speech clarity optimization, ensuring seamless and clear communication on both sides. There is also a great feature called Face2Face that adds professionalism to these headsets. Users can lift the boom mic in a vertical position if they interact with a customer. Doing so will mute all the incoming audio.

Since it is a wireless headset, we must talk about the battery life. If you use it for Push-to-Talk(PTT), you can get around 20 hours of juice, and if you are just going to use it for calls, you can get around 8 hours of battery life. It supports modern USB-C charging and is also compatible with the 5-Bay Charging Stand.

Seamless Connectivity

It has excellent button placement and a dedicated PTT button that instantly allows seamless information exchange. Users can also use the Jabra SDK and Jabra Xpress software to make a lot of customizations with this headset. The headset offers a comprehensive 100m/300ft wireless range, which is more than enough for many day-to-day frontline operations.

Pricing and Availability

The new Jabra Perform 45 headset is the first product in the Perform series and is now shipping. Interested users can find the nearest Jabra retailers to buy the headset, or they can also head to Amazon or Jabra.com to buy it. The price for the new Jabra Perform 45 is $145.

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