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FiiO brings new FF3 earbuds shaped like Drums!

FiiO, a Chinese manufacturer of Hi-Fi equipment, has launched their new earphones, the all-new FF3. The earphone is shaped like a “Drum,” which the company had been leveraging as their maintenance selling point.

It has developed a bass-enhancing acoustic tube structure inside the cavity, using the large area available. It uses sound resonance signals within the cavity to deliver a powerful low-end punch.

The brand has considered in-depth research to develop a design to bring the flat head earbuds concept, and finally, the “Drum” design outshined. The unique design also allows a special construction inside their earbuds, which houses the bass-enhancing acoustic tube to offer that fresh music experience to audiophiles.

FiiO FF3 comes with 3 foam coverings and a high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper cable with interchangeable termination plugs as part of the package.

Inspired by “Drums”

These high-resolution earbuds by FiiO come in a unique shape while presenting a powerful sound performance. Inspired by the “drum” musical instrument, the brand has devised an all-new bass cavity design specifically for the FF3.

fiio ff3 dynamic drive earbuds

This unique design was engineered to make the FF3 capable of harnessing and utilizing resonances to bring forth the richness of bass notes more efficiently. The housing is made of medical-grade 316L stainless steel and is pleasant to wear. Elegant Black/Cosmic Silver are the two colors available.

This cavity is more successful in bringing out the texture of bass notes and correctly reproducing the timber of music, and it does it with surprising agility. Meanwhile, the company fully used the FF3’s internal space to house a bass-enhancing acoustic tube.

The 14.2mm large dynamic driver comes with a beryllium-plated dome + PU gasket diaphragm, which creates a more pure and organic sound, thanks to the bass-enhancing acoustic flute architecture. This tube increases air damping and boosts sound damping to decrease the earphones’ resonance point, resulting in powerful bass and realistic sound intended for those who adore earbuds.

The bass is fantastic, the mid-frequency human voices are extremely luscious, and the treble has been substantially improved. With the FF3, you can enjoy the intense sound of hammering drums, and powerful dynamics in your song, thanks to the specifically designed frequency response curve.

The brand claims frequencies as low as 90Hz and 45.2Hz in normal and deep bass conditions, respectively. The dynamic driver features an ultra-fine Daikoku voice coil with 0.033 mm, highly reducing the overall weight of the driver while improving its resolution.

Low-frequency, balanced, and translucent are the three different sponge pads for different tuning. Select the ones you want to play for various types of music. The cable is made up of 152 high-purity silver-plated monocrystalline copper wires in total. The twist-lock swappable plug design allows you to switch between 3.5/4.4 mm plugs, setting a true benchmark.

The FF3 has been designed in line with the previous offerings by FiiO & follows the tradition of the other products. The earbuds have been designed carefully, from choosing materials to craftsmanship & every step of the manufacture has been taken care of finely.

The stainless-steel body and cavity have been polished and electro-plated with PVD to make the design durable, attractive, and comfortable. For their dynamic driver cover, highly permeable tempered glass has been used, which exudes a crystal-like appearance under the light.

This transparent look within multiple layers brings the striking and unique look of the FF3. The FF3 Dynamic Driver Earbuds are available for $99.99 on the official store.

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